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  1. Week 4 {+ 3 days}: My skin is clear, except for the occasional blemish. The blemishes I get now don't seem to stick around as long and heal fairly quickly. My skin feels soft and has a nice tone to it. The only problem I have is dryness. It isn't bad like it was in the beginning of the regimen. It is nonexistant once I put on moisturizer. I don't think it will fully dissipate, being that I'm of the blonde hair'd, blue eye'd, light skin'd persuasion. It is a small price to pay and a trad
  2. Hey Cat, Glad you liked the Cetaphil shave. When I shave my face I just splash with lukewarm water when done. Then I start the regimen. I wasn't even thinking about the difference in coverage from having to apply to you legs as opposed to just a face. I'm glad I'm not a women, I would hate to have to shave my legs.
  3. I don't know if this will help you, but I experienced the same things you're talking about. I used the Neutrogena moisturizer for the first couple weeks and noticed it made my skin shiny. I've since changed to Eucerin Renewal and it has helped with evening out my overall skin tone and also helped with excess flaking. The Alpha Hydroxy Acids in the lotion help exfoliate the skin cells.
  4. Hello, Do you use the balm because of razor irritation? I had the same problem. Recently I experimented by using the cleanser(Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser) in my regimen as a shave gel. It worked wonders. It didn't even feel as though I had just shaven. It allows for a close shave as well. It's the closest I've ever had, and that's including trying an electric razor. I felt no need to apply aftershave lotion, my skin felt great. I do this before I start my nightly routine. I like
  5. Hey Cat, I use about a quarter size of Cetaphil also, and probably add to it about a penny size amount of baking soda. Then around every three days I'll do equal amounts of both to get a real good exfoliation. I hope using the Cetaphil as a shave gel works as well for you as it does for me. Let me know what you think.
  6. Week Three: I think I would say that I am following the "What To Expect" guidelines to a tee. The 1st week I saw partial clearing. Week 2 I had a breakout, and this past week clearing with fewer breakouts. This has been the best week as a whole on the regimen. I can see and feel my T-zone area slowly but surely clearing up. In Week 2 I switched cleanser and moisturizer(Cetaphil & Eucerin). Both have worked extremely well. I have much less dryness and flaking. I also started shavi
  7. Week Two: Not as good of progress this past week. By Tuesday at the start of Week Two I was as clear as I've been in months. By Wednesday morning I was broken out. What a downer. So here at the end of this second week it's like I'm back to the drawing board. I switched cleansers from Basis bar to Cetaphil cleanser. I felt the bar was adding to the dryness. I also changed moisturizers from Neutrogena Oil Free to Eucerin Renewal. I needed something to help with the flaking and have rea
  8. http://www.drugs-market.com/freedom-pharma...ferin_Gel.shtml
  9. I'm using it currently, but I'm gonna switch to Cetaphil in about a week. I'm not sure if it is the BP, but my face is still pretty dry. It doesn't make me break out or anything, just might be too drying. It's good points are that it washes clean off without residue and it smells very nice.
  10. Week One: Well, so far so good. My skin is clearing nicely, with fewer and fewer new blemishes. Right now I am battling the dryness and flaking. From what I have read on multiple posts, it is a normal step in the process. It does seem that the flaking is decreasing day by day. It has become more managible once I apply the moisturizer. The first two days of the regimen I felt no side effects and my face looked like it was balancing out oil-wise. Day three I started to feel the tingling
  11. Hey Dan, at how many weeks into the regimen would you advise the switch to Eucerin? I noticed it was the one with Alpha Hydroxy. I'm only on day five, I got passed the tingling and redness stages on days 3 & 4. Now it's all about the dryness and flaking. Major dryness and flaking!
  12. The link for BP safety is located on page 3 of "The Regimen"
  13. Well no wonder your face burns.....mine would too if I used a Cleansing "Bear" Just playing with ya!! This will be my third day on "The Regimen". So far so good. No new blemishes, nice fading of old ones. Today was the first time I felt a slight tingling sensation after applying the BP. I felt a little more after I added the moisturizer as well. It is normal though, your skin has to get used to this new thing your putting on it. Hopefully your burning will subside I'm using Dan's BP G
  14. Who would be catagorized as a "high risk group"