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  1. I became a vegan in 2007 after reading dairy products may induce acne. It worked really well; my skin never had been clearer but then my acne came back late 2008 so it only worked for me for about a year. It's almost like once I found something that suppresses my acne, it becomes tolerate & then comes back
  2. I'm not sure if there is a thread of this but I think a thread of "celebrities with acne" should be started. I love seeing pictures of celebrities with acne because it makes me feel a little bit good Not like a "haha you suffer too" but in a way like even really beautiful people suffer it too & we're not alone, you know? Anyways I found this picture of AnnaLynne McCord & in the 2nd pic, you can see she has bumps on her cheek, heavily covered by makeup AnnaLynne McCord Anybody else got p
  3. Thanks y'all!! I absolutely love this site. There is so much helpful info & everyone on this board are so kind! My self-esteem is low because of my acne but I love having a place where no one will judge me for it. Thanks everyome
  4. Sorry. I don't know where to post this. I know I should go to the derm but my health insurance will no longer cover me for acne because it's a "pre-existing condition"!!!! Unbelievable...anyways. I'm not sure if I have acne, rosacea, scarring, or all. Please help. Thank you!!!! Xoxo!!
  5. Yep, peanut butter definitely causes acne for me. I ate peanut butter like everyday but my face started breaking out like crazy & when I stopped eating peanut butter, I can tell my face isn't breaking out as much
  6. Thanks for the replies. When you eat veggies, do you eat them raw? How much soy do you eat/drink? I love soy milk & dunno if I can cut back on that. Also, what about rice? Is rice highly processed?
  7. I've been a vegan for almost a year & cutting out dairy really toned down my acne but hasn't got rid of it. I was chatting with my vegan friend the other day & she said when she first started out as vegan, she was eating lots of processed foods like soy ice cream, vegan cookies, etc. & had acne but she began to know better & started to eat lots of natural, organic foods & her acne went away. Has anyone cut out processed foods from their diet & have seen change?
  8. Has any1 tried prenatal vitamins to clear up your acne? Does it work?
  9. LOL!!! That's hilarious! So true though, bullies are insecure about themselves & grotesque Aren't kids precious? Sorry for that unfortunate experience but like the wonderful thing you said to me, for every tasteless person out there, there are 20 compassionate 1s
  10. Ugh! I'm sorry you had an ignorant experience yourself. It sinks how people can be so cruel But I agree, she'll always have that dark, ignorant anger eating her away while I shine on, acne or not I have to remember to do this next time! I know if you can laugh at yourself, any obstacle is possible to overcome. Very cool & awesome you did that
  11. Thanks every1 for the very nice posts. It just sucks & hurts there are HORRIBLE people like that out in the world. I mean seriously, who raises you to be that cruel?
  12. o.m.g.! I have never been spoken to like this before! A girl holding a sweater hit my face with it & says to her friend "I don't want this anymore, it has acne all over it." O.M.G... I am crying right now. No, crying is an understatement. It is flooding all around me! What kind of person says something like that?! I AM SO MISERABLE, UPSET, HURT, DEPRESSED! I mean really, did that really happen? Did some1 really say that? I have lost all hope in the world. Whatever happened to decent people?
  13. So I've been taking 30mg of zinc & 50mg of B-complex & I've noticed ever since I've been taking them, my back has been breaking out like mad. My face acne has subsided a little bit but I believe this is due to cutting out dairy products. Has any1 had bad breakouts from taking vitamins?