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  1. hmmm i dun think so...... why mostly the face then~
  2. i had a small pimple yesterday with a white pus i added bp yesterday today it is like huge can anyone tell me why
  3. why dont u take a picture of ur penis so we can tell
  4. does anyone how? cause sometimes i just see ppl with scars but it has no color around it...
  5. its a brownish spot though im scared its a scar
  6. i thought u should put bp on those red spots/brown spots to make it go away faster? and i dun get how alex said whats a scar what u rephrase it?
  7. i think its "flat" but isnt scars flat?
  8. after my pimple is gone there is a spot left im sure its not a blemish i never touch my pimple unless i cleanse or something.....
  9. i poped my pimple (by mistake) 2 weeks ago there was blood and stuff... now i have a black thing on that pimple should i peel it off? i think the black thing is the thing tat closes ur skin..
  10. dan's regimen doesnt really work for everyone it clears red marks faster then i recommend if u have a pimple just leave it don't touch it and it will dissappear
  11. is there any way to prevent this and i always get alot of flakey skin after i shower how do i get rid of it its next to my pimples