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  1. Day 23 I have returned from Tohoku and I am back in Tokyo. I have had a pretty couple rough weeks with my skin as I have pretty much totally gave up caring about it in the rugged conditions up north. It is funny though, after volunteering in the tsunami hit zones acne is such a small problem in retrospect to the people I met I almost feel embarrassed to have a full blog about it. Current Condition: A couple pimples, redness, not good but not horrible. Side Effects: Dry lips, dry skin made wo
  2. Day 12 Just about the two week mark. I have gotten a pretty bad breakout this week, so it must be that IB, but it is still nothing compared to the breakouts I got before I started taking tane so I am alright with it I guess. I think my body is getting used to this dose and it is going to have to be upped again next month to 60 mg. Time will tell. Current Condition: IB has begun, three pimples on my left cheek which are pretty big and a big one on my chin. My right cheek around my mouth does n
  3. Day 7 Well I have touched the one week mark. I can see some dramatic improvement and I am feeling the side effects of it too. I have very few pimples now and my red marks are fading as fast as my skin is drying out. Here is today's update. Current Condition: No IB, few active pimples, and fading red marks. No celebrations just yet but I am seeing dramatic improvement. Side Effects: Drier everyday. My lips are taking the brunt of the damage. My face is a little flakey and dry but still not n
  4. Day 6 Tomorrow is the one week mark already! I am noticing the changes in my skin more and more everyday. Last night I went to scratch and itch on my arm and I peeled some skin off it by accident and it bled a little bit. My skin is super thin and shedding quite a bit. I am pretty sure I am shedding more than my dog at the moment! My gf used her english vocabulary last night and called me an "onion"....haha isn't she the sweetest thing? Current Condition: Still no sign of that dreaded IB. I
  5. I agree. I cannot tell you how many places I have lived where people did not only not play hockey, but they did not even know what it was. Crazy super annoying...Japan is not better really but at least there are a few niche groups and canucks running around to forma modest league to play in...expensive as F%$# but so is everything else in Tokyo so oh well... It is too bad my Wings could not finish the job on San Jose...it would have been a great West Coast showdown with the Wings and Canucks.
  6. Day 3 Ok, so it is already day three! Nothing new really but I am noticing some dryness. It is hot as f$&@ in Japan though with the humidity it is not too bad...(yet). Other than that nothing going down over here....just eight hour hour work shifts and gym action...I am thinking about getting myself out of my little bat cave this weekend and hitting up a night club....let's see if that happens or not! jajaja Current Condition: Meh, a few new pimples and redness around the mouth but whateve
  7. Hey thanks! Well I am a guy so it is not that bad, just kinda annoying. I understand that it is for a good reason though. I am not sure if we even have Accutane in Japan, but I am getting treated on a US Military Base so I get treated at an American hospital. I don't trust Japanese medicine....haha. A little unrelated but are you a hockey fan? I am a die hard Detroit Red Wings fan! xDDD
  8. hang in there bro, I just got my script cooking today so I was finally able to pop my first pill on round two of this stuff. hang in there for the good fight!
  9. Day 1 Well it is finally here, my first day back on Accutane! I made the two hour drive down from Tokyo to see my derm (again) this morning. I got registered with iPledge, poked with a few needles to get my labs read, and BAM! I had my prescription within an hour an half! Man it sure feels good to be a guy haha. Anyway we don't have Taco Bell in Japan offbase so I went to get some tacos to celebrate, and boy oh boy was I smiling from ear to ear walking out of the hospital! After my taco feast I
  10. Pre-Accutane Day -1 Ok, so tomorrow is my last day without Accutane! The last day I will have to go to work without a cure in progress. I am going to enjoy my lush watery lips while I can haha. Today my acne is looking a little better I suppose but I still have quite a few white heads surfacing. It seems like all my pimples either come back in the same place as old ones, or in the areas surrounding them. Weird...it is like some kind of virus that just keeps spreading. It looks the worst when
  11. Hey thanks, I was starting to think nobody was reading this log haha. I know what to expect this time around so it should not be as bad. I think the wait is actually more painful then actually taking Accutane itself! Good luck to you on your course as well. haha thanks. I made this account way back in high school so forgive the cheesy name. That is cool though, where did you study? I am an International Business major myself but I am doing a minor in Japanese and Korean. I know it w
  12. Pre-Accutane Day -3 Ok so today my skin is actually looking a little bit better. That huge giant volcano of a cyst has chilled out and does not look so bad anymore. I still have a lot of red marks from previous zits and a lot of little small ones that popped up over night. I work around a lot of hot grease and food so I am sure that just adds to my already messed up skin. Anyway last night I was feeling pretty down about my acne, I had to work the midnight shift and I thought about skipping wo
  13. Pre-Accutane Day -6 Ok, so it is 6 days before I start accutane again. My face is looking pretty bad right about now, I have like 3 cysts all bunched up together to make one giant volcano of a zit on my right cheek, and some random other zits scattered everywhere else with a ton of red marks. Normally I would feel pretty bad about this, but I am still in good spirits because this time next week I will be on accutane! wooooo!!! Today I hit the gym extra hard and now my back is so sore all I want
  14. The Dermatologist Appointment So today I geared up and made the two hour long drive down from Tokyo with my girlfriend to see my derm down in Yokusuka Navy Base. I was disappointed that I could not receive my fist pills of tane today but the good news I will get them next week Tuesday after my blood work is done. It kind of sucks I have to drive down there again but hey it is worth it! My spirits are already lifted knowing that I am going to be on my way with a cure in a couple days. Also an
  15. My girlfriend does not seem to mind. I am sure she does not find it dead sexy but she always supports me and has stayed with me for quite awhile so the answer is yes. However, it does take a toll on me as I feel embarrassed when I am with her in public or have to meet her friends ect. I would say it affects me more than it does her, but then again I am not her so I cannot ever clearly say what she thinks/feels about it all. I am a strong believer if you are a confident person with a strong per