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  1. @JJRdo you live in Denmark ? You seem to have given a very good advice. Thanks
  2. wow so after going through so many treatments?what do you think?what works the best ?so you r in the usa just for the treatments? you are one fighter i must say . iam already exhausted after two subs so is there any good dr in usa on the east coast ?like new york?
  3. @shei514 did you get treated by dr lim too?did you get rf?iam asking how long does it take for the redness to go away after rf?
  4. @ScarRightI flew to Brisbane for his treatment Iam still going through it . In my opinion the treatments shouldn’t be rushed and done very patiently and slowly for that you have to keep travelling to aus . If multiple treatments are done you really can Panic and be stressed as one can’t show him after a treatment if you have any side effect s . It has to be spaced out . But he tries to fit as many as possible which could lead to more side effects and it’s very tough to get his opinion on anythin
  5. I got sub and rf together from dr Lim . I got it done in aug but there is too much of healing to be done as he did the combo procedures 3 days apart . The scars are the same as of now but has some redness with it . I was not told anything about cupping or tretinoine but I am using my usual retinoids and my bit b creams . I wonder now if I haven’t done cupping how the things will change . My scars look the. Same as of now . I feel Iam missing a point here , treating the scars are one of t
  6. no three days apart Ya the sub and infini on the same day
  7. Please help if anyone has experienced it .
  8. Hi there got my second infini with subcision on the 6 of August and still see redness on my cheeks. I don’t see any improvement yet , but I see rednesson some parts of my face . I really don’t understand how does this works ? I got the treatment for my acne scars and now I see redness on top of the scars which don’t look nice at all . Hope that they will settle down with time . I think it is pigmentations.