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  1. Ive been on the regimen since last September, everything was going great but the past few months my skin has not cleared up and I feel like its just not working anymore. I had to add in hyloronic acid because my skin was cracking so bad constantly and was so dry. The moisturizer became ineffective as well.
  2. Ive been on the acne.org regimen since last september and this month ive had a really bad breakout and i have these little small bumps on my cheeks and ive never had them before. I live in Florida so i wonder if the weather is causing them? Can someone help me out
  3. ive been on the regimen since last september and all of a sudden this week and last week i got these weird sudden breakouts.... dont understand why at all
  4. Ive been on the regimen since last September and this is my first summer on it, i live in florida and its extremely humid and i was wondering if the humidity can cause dry flakes?
  5. Hey love, Yesterday i just got my ordinary products! I got the AHA peeling solution, Hyloranic Acid, & the Mandelic Acid! I used the AHA and hyloranic acid last night and it made my skin so glowy and hydrated! Especially with the humidity in Florida its been rough so i was very happy with the results. i woke up no breakouts, no rash, no nothing!
  6. Ive been on this regimen since last September and its been the best thing ever, my acne is practically gone. Every so often I get a pimple but nothing major. Because of my skin improving, I wonder if people stop using it after a certain amount of time with the success? Should I stay on since it works so well or go off?
  7. anybody else get weird dry patches under their eyes and around the mouth?
  8. All of a sudden the past few days my forehead and chin have been extremely flaky and im not sure why. i live in florida so im not sure if its the weather conditions?
  9. thank you guys! i didnt have the best experience with the cerva moisturizer and i haven’t tried the eucerin. have you guys seen anything on the olay moisturizers?
  10. Ive been on the regimen since last September, it just started about two weeks ago. i live in florida could it be the weather change?
  11. These past two weeks my skin has been crazy dry, I could just be sitting on the couch and wipe my face and dry skin is all over my clothes. What could be causing this?
  12. I’ve been on the regimen since last September and this week I had a really bad breakout. Is this normal? I get sudden breakouts all the time
  13. Has anybody had a problem with breakouts from protein shakes possibly?
  14. Ive been on the regimen for a few months now and all of a sudden the past week-2 weeks my acne has not cleared up at all. anybody else having this problem?
  15. Has anybody else had a problem with really bad dryness that they have had to reduce the amount of steps 2 and 3 ?