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  1. I'm on my five month (week 16) with the same stuff, although a little bit redder, and a couple pimples that will not go away. When I went for my appointment yesterday she told me that it was mostly discoloration. It feels so smooth but looks red, that's the deceiving part. Most people will still look at you and say that you look better but you still have acne. Not true, it's just redness from the severity of acne we had. She told me it will take some time but it will eventually fade. Also, I
  2. The cheapest around me is for $400 dollars. Call around to different pharmacies (RiteAid, CVS, Walmart, Costco, Sams Club, etc...) and see who has the cheapest. If the cheapest is too far away you can always see if one of the closer pharmacies will price match (I know mine did). The drug is definitely expensive, but, it seems to be worth it By the way, 15 dollars for 2 Months? Is that with insurance?
  3. I don't post here too often, but I need some help. My skin is beginning to clear up ''(Acne is still there, and I have more than other people, but it's better than it was 3 1/2 Months ago)'' but, I'm traveling to Florida next month. I'll be there for 12 days and most often, I'm outside. I can't handle being inside for more than an hour or two, so that is out of the question. My derm also proposed the idea of stopping the Accutane treatment while I'm in Florida. Since I'm starting to clear up a
  4. I assume you meant "erythromycin". My derm persribed this to me and I've been on it since about a month before I started Acctuane. Even after telling her I read the "rule booklet" Accutane gives and it specifically stated "no antibotics" she insisted this is one of the few drugs that does not interact with Accutane. I've been on a high dose (6 a day) and I've had no problems. I'm going onto my third month. Actually, I think it helped for me to avoid a Initial Outbreak. Although I'm not clear
  5. Before Accutane my derm placed me on Erythromycin. 3 were taken in the morning as well as 3 at night. Now, I'm beginning my third month on Accutane and I'm still taking the same amount. Actually, I think the antibotics helped me to avoid an I.B. (which would agree with what my derm said would happen) Good luck!
  6. Thought I would answer to this one. I'm taking Sotret as well and occasionally (maybe about 1 every couple weeks) I experience a small migraine just like you describe it: in the back of my head. Nothing severe but it's there. I don't know if it's just Sotret though, and I wouldn't understand why it would be only Sotret. All my blood tests have come back perfect. And I even had a physical for sports where everything came back fine. If you're that worried ask your dermatologist. So far I haven
  7. How bad is your acne because I don't see anything in your picture? Just don't get discouraged as the others have already said. You've been posting a lot here lately. Just keep posting or blogging to relive the anger and stress. Sooner or later you're going to get better. You're a great looking girl, imo. d.lax
  8. You're actually supposed to take it with food, so yes, you should be fine. Doctors recommended fatty foods because your body will absorb the accutane better. It all has to do with the pills chemical makeup. Good luck! d.lax
  9. Gah! I missed a couple days of logging but I have a reason: I was hoping to attach some pictures but I can't find my damn usb cable. I'll keep looking though! I want to be able to see from a third person perspective on my progress. 'Cause to me, it looks the same while others around me say I'm looking a little better. Went to get a haircut last night though and even my hairdresser noticed how dry I was. She asked if I was on anything for my acne to which I calmly responded with "accutane" to wh
  10. Day 8 If it's not the chin it's the lips. Last night I tried using a gauze pad to apply both my Cetaphil cleanser and aveeno moisturizer and it seemed to help cut down on the dead skin flakes. Really! I couldn't believe it myself but it seemed to work. It's not as harsh as a washcloth but it's still able to ex foliate unlike my fingers. But, now that I don't have large chunks of skin on my chin my lips are chapped like crazy. No serious bleeding but you see that skin peeling off. I've been app
  11. Thanks somekidlol for responding! Your one of the lucky ones, eh? I wish I could avoid the dry chin. It's a little heart wrenching to think that it looks worse than what it did, but even my first doctor said, you're going to hate me for awhile but after a month or so you'll want to come play poker with me on the weekends! Good luck with your treatment, though. Do you have a log?
  12. Anybody tried this while on Accutane? My face really doesn't have pimples on the cheeks (more on my chin). It's mostly a lot of red and what looks to be acne underneath the skin ''(it's really smooth though)''. Does this dry out your face at all? Thanks! d.lax
  13. Day 6/Day 7 A two in one update since I missed yesterday. Yesterday (the 6th day in case you can't count) my face was a little red. I was expecting it, though, because of the mere dryness of my skin and the cold winter were having. Not much else to report. Today, Feb. 15, is my week 1 milestone! I'm counting down the days until I get off, but really, I'm just waiting for clear skin. After that the pills become "something I have to take" and not "this is the cure". Skins a little less red
  14. Day 5 Again, not much change. I did finish my first blister pack though! 5 Days down! 25 to go until the next appointment I think I'm a little less oily today on my forehead (the normal spot). A few of the whiteheads on my chin are still there even though I thought they were gone last night. They must of been hiding... I put some Dove Moisturizer on tonight instead of the normal Cetaphil. I saw somebody say that it brought their redness down so I'll see if it does the same for me. They're D
  15. I'm on 80 mg and almost finished with Week 1. I'm already a little dry. As long as you keep moisturizing, though, you should be fine.