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  1. You should pluck your eyebrows with tweezers, never shave. I am a beautician in training and love to pluck peoples eyebrows... LOL... I am gentle, I promise. My dad has a monobrow and he lets me pluck his, he actually comes and asks me cause apparently I cause the least pain when I do it!
  2. ^^true true^^ you'll develop the veritable mono-brow if you shave the gap. you gotta pluck them babies outta there. find something to bite on and rip 'em out :ph34r:
  3. i use 2.5% but i bought some 5% for using on indiviual spots if i need to
  4. Can you get this in the US? I've not tried it yet but it looks like it might be good
  5. it's out there - you just ain't found it yet
  6. hi travelling soul, i think you'll find some info on this in the section of this forum for prescription drugs