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  1. You'll probably be able to stop using the moisturizer pretty soon, once your body recovers from the BP. I stopped using BP a little over three weeks ago. My face was the same as it was on BP for about two weeks, then lots of little spots popped up. They went away, and now my face is fine. It's liberating not to have to spend an hour every morning and night applying creams. Also, I can wear clothes without bleaching them. Right now I'm only using a cleanser morning and night.
  2. It's been about two weeks. I haven't had any major pimples pop up. However, I have have had lots of small ones that aren't too noticeable. Maybe this is just my skin reacting to the drastic change. It's so nice not having to worry about applying medication. Because I'm not doing it, I don't think as much about my appearance.
  3. I'm going to go off slowly, taking away a quarter pump every few days. I'll try to keep a log here about my progress.
  4. Not too much acne in the family. Both my parents said they had it during adolescence but grew out of it. My cousins had it, but they grew out of it by about 20. My acne's never been that bad. Biggin's don't pop up too often, and when they do they never occur in groups. My acne was probably worst last year when I was using Benzamycin "paks." I would break out along the jawline and on my cheek bones. Stopped that, started Benzaclin again, worked for a while but I got sick of shelling out 60$/25g
  5. Did you quit BP over a period of time, going from full application to less to none at all? Or did you quit outright?
  6. I'm on Dan's regimen right now, and I am getting tired of the twice daily routine. I've been on some form of BP (Benzaclin, Benzamycin, Dan's BP) for the past few years. I'm very tempted to just drop everything and go back to washing with a mild cleanser. Applying all these creams just feels so unnatural. Has anyone tried this that can tell me about their experience?
  7. I stopped the AHA a couple of days ago and have been good since. Because I've been using BP for a while, I'm on 2 pumps. I can't really say how much AHA I used. It was enough to force me to wait for it to absorb on its own.
  8. The right side of my face breaks out much worse (relatively speaking) than my left side. Would it help to add more BP in that area, or is that just overdoing it?
  9. I've been on the regimen for a little over four weeks, and had been having real success until recently. I suspect it might be the AHA. I started it about a week ago and broke out yesterday and today. Has anyone else had any trouble adding in the AHA to the regimen?
  10. No, none of that. I am extremely careful not to let anything that has touched my face into the wash. I also don't sweat onto my shirts. I cannot figure this out. Has anyone else had this experience? EDIT: I should note that my most recent ruined shirt has no bleaching around the collar. I have made it a point to not let my face touch the collar when I remove it. It does, however, have evenly spaced speckles on the front and back. Could this be due to something besides the BP?
  11. I've been putting 2 pumps of Dan's BP on my face twice a day for about four weeks now. I try to never let my face touch my clothing, but I keep ending up with ruined shirts. They mainly bleach around the collar and have small white dots throughout much of the shirt. How is this happening?