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  1. Thanks you for answering me very careful. I have some these more questions I have wonderred for long time. But its hard to find any artical or study about them. I don't know if it in your reach I had seborrheic dermatitis during the time after treatment. It made my cheeks have layer of dead skin like pic below 3 week after last treatment, so it also kept the scabs from subscision and tca from falling off nomally (7days is normal, but mine is 3 weeks). Did it affect the healing of scars
  2. I'm affraid I cannot change the provider, I've bought a set of 3 sessions here so I have 2 left (this is also the most reputable Derm in my country), so I don't know who else I can trust :cry:. So you think I should tell them to delay the next session to let my skin to heal? And as there is no punch excision provided in my country. So you think the only way to treat my small box scars (1-3mm wide, less than 1mm in depth) is TCA? So next time I have to ask my derm to reduce the concentratio
  3. Some of them too big and shallow for TCA cross but too small for subscision. My derm did nothing to them excep Laze co2 which brought no improve even it's a new scar (about 6 months). I dont know what to do with them
  4. You say I have to wait 3 month to see the result. But my derm will take 2nd treatment after only 1 month. Is it too fast?. And look at the number 3 in my picture. They used TCA on it and It looks worse than before after 1 month, any chance it could be recover? And which treatment is most suitable for next session at that area?. I'm so affraid of TCA right now because I think my body don't react good to it. Should I tell my derm stop using TCA in my next session?
  5. I have a combi of treatment (subscision, TCA cross, laze co2) in vietnam, I have some very narrow box scar and the doctor use 50% TCA at first session. She used the toothpick and keep in the scar for 3 second. After 2 week the scabs falled off and it seemed a lot bigger and deeper. I read some review and learn that it normal, just give it time. And now it's 5 week and the red faded a little bit, but the scar is definitely alot bigger. It seems like it doesn's improve in dept compare to before th