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  1. Just a quick update--still on Minocin. I quit using aczone right off the bat because it was making my skin worse so I've been using Tazorac pretty diligently and that helps. I would like to get off my pills though because I don't want to rely on them and they're not good for me.
  2. So my skin has not been doing well. In April/June I started breaking out around my mouth and chin area and nothing was really stopping it. I would just get one after another. I started using my brothers proactive treatment morning and night and it only worked okay, but still wasn't preventing new breakouts and eventually it wasn't even drying my skin out. Then I went to the beach for a week and didn't get one new pimple. I don't know if it was the sun, the chlorine, the ocean, or zero stress but
  3. My skin has gotten a little better since my last entry. I have only cleansed with oil a couple times--instead I have been using my Panoxyl BP wash and it seems to be helping. I also have been trying to drink a LOT more water. Just wanting my perfect skin back!!
  4. So my skin isn't doing so hot right now and it has been this way for maybe 2.5 weeks now. I've only gotten a couple of VERY small pimples...well more like itty bitty red dots that never looked nasty or came to a head. But, I have sooo many clogged pores and blackheads! My entire chin, under my bottom lip, and under my nose is awful. I had a few blackheads before, but this all kind of became worse when I read about this thing called the "oil cleansing method" or OCM. I haven't used any castor oil
  5. Still clear for the most part. Still have same stuff as my last entry, some clogged pores, blackheads, but it's whatever. I haven't had one legit pimple, or anything close. I haven't really been following a regimen or skincare routine (I probably should be). For the most part I've just been washing my face with one of 3 soaps: My all natural oatmeal and honey soap, cetaphil, or my 5% BP soap. And then I will follow with a moisturizer. Nothing special. I know I should be using bio oil or the coco
  6. real scars unfortunately. if i only had hyperpigmentation i wouldn't complain haha
  7. Quick update: No breakouts or blemishes since I've been off. ZERO pimples! I have some blackheads kinda between my eyes or a little higher and some clogged pores I guess around my nostrils, but it's manageable. I have started to slowly use a BP wash and a salicylic acid pad around on my blackheads at night time. Still moisturizing day and night. My scars seem to be getting a little better, or maybe I'm just getting used to them. But overall, I am very pleased with the results. I am going to keep
  8. I have been clear for a while...but i have kind of a weird case. my acne got super bad last november and so i tried to take care of it myself using a benzoyl peroxide treatment...which worked very well...but my doctor said i needed to do accutane again (i've been on it before) to prevent more acne and scars. so going into this cycle of accutane my skin wasnt bad at all so i became clear early on...however.....MOST people from what I have heard are clear after 3 months...maybe 4 for more severe c
  9. So ready to be off this stuff! I have 3 more pills from my 4th month and then I am getting my last script filled for the 5th month, I was hoping my doctor would let me stay on it longer, but he acted like he didn't want to. Ugh. I am still excited that the end is near though. My doctor acted like my scars would get better on their own and he said they weren't that deep. So I am a LITTLE hopeful that once I'm off this medication my skin will thicken back up (since people's skin gets thin while on
  10. Nothing is really happening. Red spots are not fading at all...maybe because I'm in the sun every day for work, but my makeup has SPF 15...guess it's not enough. Disappointed about that. I am such a crater face. My skin looks sooooo bad when I'm in the sun, you can see every single scar. I think I am definitely going to need a laser treatment or something after all this is done and over with. Feeling very discouraged. However, no breakouts or blemishes. Doctor appointment this Thursday.
  11. Well, my situation is kind of weird because I was pretty much clear when I started my treatment. I had very severe breakouts from November to January or something, but I didn't want to do accutane again so I sort of did Dan's regimen with a benzoyl peroxide treatment and it did treat my acne, but I just couldn't take the burning of the benzoyl peroxide and the dryness...but the main reason I decided to do accutane again was because I scar REALLY easy and I could see all the damage on my face fro
  12. Nothing much to report still. Eczema is back again...yuck. Still have the same joint pains. Using bio oil every night... not sure it's doing anything. But it might be lightening up a scar on my leg. My skin is really soft and it's perfectly clear right now..though it looks ugly with all the marks and scars. I want to be off this stuff so bad, but I will stay on it longer this cycle if that's what the doctor thinks because I do NOT want to ever do this or fight with acne again.
  13. So my skin looks the same as when I last reported. No changes really, which is sad to say. I have one pimple up near my eye/temple area and I had a couple white head things above my lip that are now scabs trying to heal. I am a little concerned because my side effects seems to be subsiding. My eczema is gone...I don't know maybe that's all. I just am worried my body will get used to the meds and they won't work. I don't want to have to bump up my dosage if I don't have to. I have a derm appt. in
  14. So I tried to post the other day, but when I hit publish nothing happened, so all that work for nothing. I went to the dermatologist the other day (not the one I usually go to because he was on vaca) but they are keeping me at 40 mg per day for now. I went 3 days without my pills because my the dr. office scheduled my appt failing to tell me that I would be out of pills at that point. Annoying. So over the course of 3 days I developed 2 or 3 really small pimples, but I'm still upset about it. I
  15. So while babysitting last night...in a matter of a couple hours I developed a big cystic pimple on the top left side of my cheek!!! It was deep and sensitive to the touch. So, before I went to bed I wanted to put something on it to keep it from getting bigger. I chose to use the proactiv refining sulfer mask and left it on all night. When I got up I was trying to gently wash it off the spot with a wet rag and it popped it or broke it and it started bleeding like crazy and there wasn't even any n