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  1. Thank you for your kind response! I live in Seattle and I'll search for a good derm in the city. Please do let me know if you have any recommendations. I am already doing dermarolling. Is dermastamping significantly better than this? I was planning on buying Derminator 2 but stopped as I felt that cost:benefit ratio of dermaroller is better. Also, is there any such "At home" or not too expensive treatment for icepick scars? I did not understand this statement: "No you do not wan
  2. Thanks for the advice, guys. The chemical peel was 300$ for one treatment and they said I would need 4-5, which is why I wrote 1500. I will research more about the TCA peel, but do you think it will be enough for the scars on my right cheek? They are slightly deeper
  3. Hi, I've had acne & oily skin for a long time, which reduced after I started using moisturizer &stopped over cleansing. I used to pick my pimples a lot, which caused all these scars. They look like boxcar scars but I am not sure as some look like icepick scars too. I would appreciate any advice on the most effective ways to clear them. Also, any advice on the type of hyperpigmentation and suitable treatment is much appreciated. I visited a couple of laser clinics and aestheticians a