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  1. I'm seeing good results so far with the drying lotion I've been using (dead sea product). I tried searching for some info about the benefits of dead sea cosmetics on the skin and found a nice passage: "The beneficial effects of the Dead Sea Salts on the skin and their unique therapeutic and beautifying powers have been recognized since ancient times. The use of: Dead Sea salt at your home, is an effective way to relax and absorb the minerals of the Dead Sea. Research has proven the efficiency
  2. My sister is a comsmetician and she uses Dead Sea products by LON cosmetics and she says they do wonders for her patients. I've been using a special Dead Sea drying lotion in the past few weeks and it seems to be working, however my acne is already very very mild so I'm not a good example. Anyone knows any credible articles regarding Dead Sea benefits for the skin?
  3. 1. No. 2. Both are similar. However folliculitis can be identified if the area is highly irritated after shaving. (P.S. in no way do I mean that folliculitis and acne are the same. I meant they look similar). 3. Not unless you use it too much.
  4. First of all let me join your frustration - folliculitis sucks big time. I have folliculitis under my chin, on my neck. With each shave the place gets irritated again and gets the appearance of a rash. My doc gave me two different ointments and both help. I must say that these treatments are WONDERFUL however I stress again, the next time you shave the area it will get inflammated AGAIN! One treatment is Neo-Medrol which consists of Neomycin and Methylprendnisolone. Another effective treatme
  5. I didn't get this peel myself, but I have a friend whose face got a whole lot better after doing it. However, don't forget you have to repeat it at least once a year in order to maintain positive results.
  6. According to my experience, washing your face MORE than once a day irritates it more than it helps. In addition unless your skin is overly dry, you don't need to moisturize it twice a day. And yes you can moisturize your face without thoroughly washing it.
  7. Impossible to diagnose something like that over a message board. Go see your dermatologist.
  8. I heard once that long hair promotes acne breakouts on your forehead because of it being oily. I have no clue if that is true or a myth, but I heard the same and I can say that usually when my hair was longer the acne was worse. Coincidence? Perhaps.
  9. The causes of acne appearing are usually linked with hormones. Many people report that zineryt causes irritation, dryness and redness of their skin. But that's something very common in different other treatments.
  10. As far as I know folliculitis tends to be chronic. A topical antiseptic treatment helps most cases of Folliculitis. Go see your dermatologist. Good luck.
  11. themagicofmagic, you need to understand that our hands are EXTREMELY greasy and oily (as is our entire body) so when you touch the acne on your face you're not only irritating it but also adding oil to an already oily face. Ofcourse there's also the concern of scarring. Many people have acne almost solely because they keep touching your face. Restrain yourself!
  12. I'm not sure that I understood your question. If you're asking about salicylic acid - the common possible side effects are mild dryness and irritation. The bumps on your forehead may be linked with your acne, I doubt they're a side effect.
  13. The reason your forehead and nose get more acne is usually because of oily skin. Many people have problems with their T zone (forehead, nose etc) being very oily (I have the same problem).
  14. The nose is an area which tends to get more dirty and get "black". I would suggest giving a cosmetician a visit. Don't know how useful would OTC products for acne be, since I don't know if it's at all acne on your nose.