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  1. How long should it roughly take to heal?
  2. Thanks for you help, I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Are you a Dermatologist by any chance?
  3. Which one should I apply first the PCA or the Retinoid and when should I apply it at in the day? Once again, thanks for your support, you really have helped me! One thing I also want to clarify is that should the Retinoid be a cream or emulsion (droplets)
  4. Are they able to be purchased through over-the-counter at a local pharmacy and how much do they each cost? Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks for the reply, out of all the creams, which one would I need the most? Thanks
  6. Recently, I had an acne scab on my face, it was bright red on cheek, I couldn’t help myself but peeled the scab of, still looking bright red, you could see it from a mile away, that’s how bad it was, and after a week or so it didn’t go away, and then the second week it turned brown, now all I want is my skin to go back to normal, and match with my skin tone, if there are any dermatologist’s reading this or anyone who is knowledgeable about this , please help. You can see it on the bottom ri