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  1. Thanks if ye remember the ...... Pharmacy name pls post it im only just interested in these mini peels and am a bit clueless
  2. Go to the doctors dude and ask for antibiotics to treat the acne,then ask for a refer to a dermatoligst for scarring and can help with getting rid of the acne
  3. Well I know what the redness is its just still sensativity it will last another 6 months to 1 year not happy but I'll just have to pray it gets better fast. Just started doing a manuka honey mask every night skin looks better but I go red quickly if stressed,hot or under pressure arghhh
  4. Can you get manuka honey in HK? http://www.xovain.com/skin/manuka-honey-skin-treatments
  5. My back acne always just faded by itself go on vacation sun can help with getting rid of acne if you still have any they shouldn't scar and will disappear by themselves
  6. I would rather go to someone with experience and 100% guaranteed your getting the correct treatment
  7. FMD I must admit I'm a bit unsure also why would someone go to all that trouble
  8. I would Go to the doctors and get some antibiotics to get rid of the acne fast I think it's severe
  9. Thanks for the response have you tried dermal fillers??
  10. http://www.realself.com/review/world-fraxel-laser-orange-peel-texture-help-please-read# Found this link the lady cured her scars using honey and emu oil
  11. Looks good just olive oil and lemon juice every night? Just heat in the microwave??
  12. I think these should fade. Have you ever tried red light therapy ? I've seen stories of people online that have the same problem from fraxel but much worse I'll keep looking on the internet for an answer