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  1. I honestly believe the zinc tablets are helping!! Today on my chin its mostly clear, except for 1 little whitehead but seriously, it is TINY! One old spot is a bit dy and flakey as i put a bit to much Benzac on it but im sure it will be okay with a heap of moisturiser.
  2. In no particular order: * Concealer * Hair straightener (for straightening & curling) * Deoderant (it counts right??) * Mascara * Benzac, or any other spot treatment
  3. i'm pretty sure you would leave it on overnight to hydrate. might be wrong though as i dont use cetaphil
  4. Okay so i thought id post my log seeing as I'm fairly bored. My acne is hardly severe, but as you all know, any acne/pimples is enough to shatter somebodies confidence, so thats why I came here. My chin is problem area, and I believe all my pimples are hormonal. The pharmacist reccommended taking a hormonal tablet which helps balance hormones (which would help with hormonal pimples). I also purchased a bottle of Zinc tablets (25mg per tablet). Getting fed up with my lumps on my chin, I decid
  5. I've actually already started taking it. So far I've taken 1 tablet a day for 4 days (25mg per day), but maybe next week I might taking tablet morning and night (after a meal of course!) Anybody else like to add success stories after taking zinc ? hehe
  6. hows is everybody going with these tablets? getting the results you hoped for/?
  7. because its fun?? its actually a really bad habit i have, but ive stopped for now +because ive seen how muhc damage ive caused
  8. Hi all I've just purchased these Bio Zinc tablets and am wondering if i should take 1 or 2 tablets per day. I've done some reading on here and somebody reccommended taking 2 because it equates to 50mg of zinc. Does taking 2 tables a day speed up the process of helping acne/helping scars?? The bottle says only take one a day with food, so should i just follow the lable? Here is waht im taking: http://www.epharmacy.com.au/product.asp?id...inc+168+Tablets I'm also taking some hormone balancing t
  9. Do most of you wear EDM all day, everyday ? And for the ones who wear it all day, does it stay on for you? I am ;loving its staying power. I have been wearing it daily lately and am just wondering if it is okay for your skin.. It has to be better than liquid thats for sure!!
  10. Just wondering who out there uses products from Simple and if they are effective? I'm using them at the moment and like them but wondering how they are going for all of you's ..
  11. I don't spend big on makeup. The most i have probably spent was $25 on a foundation. Now I pay an extra $20 and get 6 items - thankyou EM