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  1. Actually, it's dihydrogen oxide. ;) For glycolic peels, I just rinse it off with good old fashioned water.
  2. niko, What's the name of the place that does it that cheap? I'm in NC and have been quoted $400 per session at the derm near me. Michelle
  3. I'm currently using the 55% lactic acid .28 pH once a week. I find it very effective for me. My pores look a lot smaller and the very minor scarring I have on my one cheek has diminished quite a bit. My skin tone and texture has improved too. So I'm fairly happy. ) I really enjoyed dealing with Richard. There was a mistake in my order too. I had ordered a couple of things and they had forgotten to pack the lactic acid. He was very apologetic and got it out to me immediately after I emailed him.
  4. Why do you think throwing up was because you were becoming immune to them? I can't say I've ever heard of that. Did you take your antibiotics on an empty stomach? Whenever I take antibiotics I alwats have to eat something or drink juice or milk with them or else I'll get sick too.
  5. Pretty much any kind of antibiotic can lessen the effectiveness of the bc pill. My gyno still prescribed me the pill (I was on Mino and Doxy for a few years awhile back) but told me that I'd want to use a second form of contraception also. Although I have to tell you...for the 3 years I was on antibiotics, my ex-husband and I never used anything besides the pill and I never got pregnant...but then we wouldn't have minded if I had. I've been on Ortho-Tricyclen for 4 years now and it never seem
  6. I was doing Taz 0.1% gel at night and in the morning I did a 4% BP wash followed by Clindamax gel. It was very drying to the skin but I eventually got used to it. It worked fairly well...I would get an occassional pimple but those I believe were mostly caused by my tendency to rest my chin in my hands (I have had such a hard time breaking the habit of putting my hands on my face! ). My derm said that the BP wash and Clindamax work synergistically together...that they enhance each others' effe
  7. Oops...one other thing if you are concerned about the cost...ask if they have any samples. I got quite a few sample tubes of the Taz from my derm to try out and see if it worked okay for me. Also, when I visited my general doctor for my yearly checkup she gave me a small bag with about 20 sample tubes she had(I didn't even have to ask her for them, she gave them to me after she asked me what medication I was currently on). A little bit goes a long way so these sample tubes can last awhile with n
  8. Armando, I also went to Tazorac after having been on Retin-A. I didn't have any initial breakouts but that may have been because I had been on the Retin-A for years before switching. It was definitely more effective than the Retin-A in my opinion. As brushie said...it is very drying, but it comes in both a cream and a gel so you could try the cream and that may be less drying. I found that with my skin, I have to use the cream in the winter and the gel in the summer (using the cream in the sum