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  1. i've been using L'Oreal pure & matte moisturising gel and my skin's been amazing. feels fresh and not oily in the slightest., you should check it out it's the dream.
  2. i'm in australia and have never had a problem with customs and recieve my order within 2 business days with UPS. wiew.
  3. hey if oily skin is a problem for you i seriously suggest trying to add Proactiv's sheer finish mattifying gel to your regimen if possible. finishing off with this stuff after mositurising gives your skin a perfectly natural matte appearance i lovee it.
  4. clean and clear are still making these products, i was suprised to find them in woolies - looking forward to trying it.
  5. what the fu(k ! im as open minded as they come but this is digusting. use some products instead
  6. um, are you following the cleanser with BP and then mosituriser O.o
  7. Hi Dave, i saw that you just got the new batch 0105. Is it the 8oz tube or 16 oz bottle??? Did you try the batch 0014 and if the answer is yes, how do you compare the 2 batches. Finally, what do you think of the batch 0105 (efficacy, smell, texture, etc) Thank you hey there tominator. I have the 8oz tube and yes, i can notice a difference. It seems like the BP i was used to before my last batch. and so far seems to be working so I give it the heads up.
  8. just recieved a new BP batch - 0105 . . lets see how it goes
  9. i am having issues with the 9341 batch aswell.. it is really frustrating,, im probly going to have to find something else untill the next batch of Dans bp.
  10. _Dave_


    i think im doing it how ive always done it. this is really annoying me i had a good look this morning and it is so bad. argh
  11. _Dave_


    I have been using dans products for about a year now and they have been working great but now all of a sudden i am breaking out worse than ever WHY?
  12. it works well with the regimen. and its alot cheaper than any of proactiv's moisturisers and a whole lot bigger. those 30ml tubes proactiv moisturisers come in is ridiculous.
  13. hey! thanks for posting this. I came back on to order more of dans stuff and noticed that.. but didnt see anything bout it on the forum. sounds excitin! cant wait to give it a try,
  14. argh..! I love dans products! Seriously its only been 3 DAYS! and i can already see results.. its so awesome.! hold on a sec.. http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/6425/3dayslt6.png first pic is a shocker but it really shows wat proactiv does for you even a year on.. .nothing!! this regimen is awesome.
  15. .you dont worry about a car crash everytime u get in your car a brain tumour everytime you use your mobile your arteries everytime u eat maccas im gonna take my chances with BP, thanks.