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  1. Did you get contact with Dr. Rullan's office? I tried emailing them, but didn't got reply....
  2. Okay, thanks guys. I am gonna request him doing it if he could.
  3. Hello, have you done treatment with Dr. Rullan?
  4. I do agree with DrH that cannula subcision only punches a hole and is kind of useless. From my own experience with cannula subcision, it doesn't do the work cleanly, even if I repeated it a few times. So I'd love to have a Taylor Liberator subcision that completely cleans up my deep layer stuff. Also, I do believe subcision is a generally effective treatment for any kind acne scars, even including ice picks. There is always more or less deep layer tethering regardless of the scar types. Cutting
  5. Actually Ultrapulse CO2 is commonly used for Asian skin. It has very short pulse so the energy delivery is very accurate. However, I am not seeing many derms doing it. I did Ultrapulse in the past, definitely it's way better than Erbium alone. But again, anyway, I don't like laser nowadays, as it really need to take many many sessions to smooth the skin.
  6. The results look decent though. I can see your right side have good improvement. I have quite similar scars as you. Literally very similar, including the way of improvements. And I am Asian too... It might be a little bit off without seeing your scars in different angles. I am considering doing a phenol peel with Dr. Rullan some time end of this year. Hopefully that should smooth out majority of the residual scars (I don't mind do it one more time next year if necessary and seeing good impr
  7. I want to say WTF as well.
  8. There aren't really an acne scar specialist in the bay area. But I looked at Dr. Jane Chung's website, the results look amazing. I feel like too good to be true. But looking at services she provide, the clinic seems to have most of the most state-of-the-art devices. So I think Dr. Chung should be a dermatologist with up-to-date knowledge and experience. Wonder anyone in this forum has ever seem her and get any treatment done with her?
  9. I am going for the phenol peel, the big one. Not CROSS. Are you?
  10. I am considering the Phenol Peel with Dr. Rullan, maybe some time end of the year or early next year (Idk, maybe we can talk)? Since a caretaker is needed, I am thinking if someone in this forum also has the situation we can share a caretaker or even do the peel back to back so that we can take care of each other? Caretaker will cost 1k+ for just 5 days or a week. I don't think there is anything that the caretaker really needs to do, other than being together. So, if you are also thinking about
  11. Has anyone had ZO controlled depth peel (blue peel)? Or even the gentler 3-step peel? The blue peel seems to be pretty intense although might not be that much as Rullan's Phenol peel. Does anyone how much down time will it need? Appreciate if anyone had experience with it and has some photos.
  12. Which doctor did TL subcision for you?
  13. Thanks, please keep us posted a couple of months later.
  14. What part of the procedure do you think does the most job? How do you feel for Taylor Liberator? Is it really significantly better than canular?