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  1. I have been off accutane for a month now, and my lips have gotten a little better but not much. How long does it usually take for the side effects to subside?? I was on 80mg for 5 months. I weigh 170 pounds. Thank you
  2. I am not taking in more liquids... if anything taking in alot less...anyways i looked around online and found one site stating that kidney damage is a rare side effects of amox... i dunno maybe my kidneys cant handle it... i have stopped taking it since yesterday...i guess i feel a little better i hope i find the cause soon...
  3. Would this work for bacne?? I live in MN do you guys know where i can get this done? Some one mentioned University of Minnesota??
  4. yeah its either clear or yellowish... i dont have any pain or burning or anything... and your right she wasnt trying to give medical advice thats just what she "sees" wrong with me she didnt say dont go to a doctor or anything besides im really starting to hate doctors cause half dont give a fuck about you or have any idea what is wrong with the patient...
  5. I know alot of you guys are going to think this is weird or fake but i think its true... I have been taking amoxicillin for about three weeks. About a week ago i had a constant urge to go to the bathroom and this feeling lasted all day, and continued for that week and i still have the concstant urge.... and when i go i actually usually do go... I went to the doctor they took a regular urine test and it was negative...went to urgent care a few days later they took a culture it was negative too...
  6. So i started a few days ago doc wants me to take .5mg once a day... im really really really scared of becoming addicted to it... so today i only took half of the tablet... he gave me a 30 days supply until i see a shrink... is this long enough to get addicted or build up a tolerance or whatever??
  7. My doctor told me to take the .5mg daily... how soon would i get addicted if i take it everyday?? he gave me a one month supply.... is that long enough to become addicted/ dependent or w/e?? i was trying to look stuff up online but did nto really find much...
  8. i have those too im guessing they will over time...which will probably be a while..
  9. the reason i got klonopin was because i have been super anxious lately to the point where i constantly have a lump in my throat feeling, have a hard time sleeping...so doc gave me a 30 days supply...i dont really wanna be on it because i heard its addicting....could i get addicted in just 30 days?? im thinking of calling the doc on tuesday and having him prescribe me prozac cause i know it takes about a month to fully kick in...so then i can get off klonopin... what do you guys think??
  10. I started getting those two a few month ago... im on amoxicillin right now i dunno if its helping yet.... i heard alpha hydrox enhanced lotion is good for red marks...
  11. Anyone taking it...i just started a few days ago and i have to go pee like seriously every 5 minutes its driving me crazy!!! I dunno if its the med but i have never had this happen to me before...i did a urine test and it was fine at my doctors... i called a few pharmacies and they have never heard of such a side effects and i could not really find much online... any ideas?? please
  12. i do go running but thats not enough doc just put me on klonopin... we will see what happens lol
  13. Okay so a few weeks ago i developed the "tight throat/Lump" feeling in my throat....and it has been there for about two weeks now...it was so bad one night i could not sleep... i went to the doctor today had a physical he checked everything did blood tests everything seems to be fine... he said its probably due to stress...which im pretty sure it is... also yesterday i had to go pee every 10 minutes no joke! it was horrible today it was alot better but still had the urge...so i asked him to do