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  1. this and other research http://www.cccm.co.uk/51.0.html Exactly i should have named the post hunter gatherer societyies instead of non westernnized "Where acne is non-existant is in the various hunter-gatherer/fishers populations of the word."
  2. Acne is almost non existent in countries with non-westernized diets.
  3. More and more studies show that our western diet may to be to blame for acne. For example, non-westernized societies have a startling absence of acne. http://ezinearticles.com/?Homemade-Acne-Tr...n&id=677666 try and concentrate on a low GI diet. absolutely no refined sugars. Only fresh fruit and veggies and lots of fish. In additon to whatever treatments that your derm has you on. basically the western diet is unhealthy any way so the faster you get off it the better
  4. What kind of acne do you have?
  5. And did fraxel improve things any?
  6. That sounds like my mom. Neither of my parents encouraged me much at all. When i had acne i felt all alone, but i developed the mindset that i am going to get treatment for myself and do things for my self. Because lets face it it's your life and you will be here long after your parents are gone. I learn to encourage myself and think positive for me. That doesn't mean i totally ignored my parents, I just filtered out the negative stuff they would say. So don't worry no parents are perfect. I had
  7. Exactly what I was going to post!! People on here need to understand that depressed acne scars are there for life, you go to your grave with them. They are now just as much a part of you as your eye color. I have spent thousand and thousand - silicone injections dermabrasions, excisions- anything and everything. And not ONE ounce of visible improvement!! We'll said. I thinks it's kind of sad these people are spending hard earned money on trying to get rid of acne scarring. A better option wou
  8. if it's just dietary changes i would be very skeptical. can't see how that would improve scars in any way
  9. Thanks. Not sure why the nurse was so insistent that I be put under stronger anesthesia. Perhaps because all of mine will be on the upper neck under chin area. Maybe it's more painful down there than on the face
  10. I went for a consult and the nurse say that i may need to be anesthetized. I was hoping i could drive home myself after each fraxel. SHe said i may be able to handle the pain with just numbing cream but that she would prefer me to be anesthetized. From those that have had it done what pain killers did you use. Were you able to drive home yourself?
  11. In addition to leaving that crappy job with those idiots at work, my Dad had a bad heart attack and is in the ICU unit now. Man life sometimes sucks. He is in a coma because he hit his head badly when he fell down. I pray he will wake up but I am not sure.
  12. I guess everyones different. I agree with the above on Sapra. I got the impression that money was the main thing with him. His nurse recommended thermage for me which after consulting with other doctors and researching myself was completely ridiculous. Nice building they had though. I think they wanted me to pay for it.
  13. A derm's instruction to me was that excessive washing causes the skin to create more oil and hence contributes to acne.