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  1. I have a hard time convincing my 20 year old to change her diet. She has dysbisos and I'm sure she has leaky gut too, just have not tested yet. THe little bit of enzymes I conviced her to take has had the most effect on reducing her acne than anything else we have done. She does better with taking lemon juice with her meals than pills (HCL). This seems to work pretty good for her. What do you know about lemon juice as a natural enzyme in processing food?
  2. I totally agree with your post. This post should be very helpful from someone who has a lot of experience with acne problems. All of your tips are what helps my 20 yr old daughter stay mostly clear. Her acne is from an imbalance in her digestive system, dysbiosis. Stress affects her the worst and red meat. Digestive enzymes help when I can get her to take them, and if not digestive enzymes then lemon juice after her meals. And her meals should be small so her system can digest her food be
  3. You could get a lot of improvement out of Restalyn, it works best for these types of scars, as long as they are not bound down. If they disappear when slightly streched they should do good with temp fillers.
  4. Have u ever tried to control your acne with a change in your diet?
  5. ^^^^^^^^BUMP^^^^^^^^^^ I think breaking out after a heavy night of drinking could have to do with the alcohol permiating (putting holes in) the lining of the stomach. Causing more leaky gut. Does anyone have any knowledge of this problem?
  6. My daughter uses it as a spot treatment and swears by it. That is the only Proactive she uses. It clears up her bumps in 1 to 2 nights.
  7. Dan , Thank-you for the reply. My daughter got Perlane for her soft rolling scars, her improvement was awesome. It gave her 95% effect on her scars, about 8 - 10 of them. Hers only lasted about 3 -4 weeks also. She only required less than 1/2 of the syringe, maybe 1/3.... so the cost was not so bad. I think we will keep trying and see if she will possibly build some collagen. The doc said she has seen some collagen growth with some of her acne patients in that it took less to fill the scar
  8. What does the slippery elm broth taste like? My daughter has leaky gut and we are now trying to concentrate on healing that problem. How long did it take you to heal your leaky gut issue?
  9. Your scars are very shallow. They will improve when the red fades and they will also improve on their own. Everyone is different, my daughter's scars improved a lot over about 8 months time. She has the same type, just more of them.
  10. My daughter has had cystic acne for 3 years. We have been trying to find what is causing it this whole time. Benzaclin worked for a short time but then she became immuned to it. We found her problem and it is low stomach acid. What has cleared her of cystic acne comletely is using HCL Betaine before each meal, eating small meals and no liquid (or as little as possible) with her meals(the liquid washes what little acid you have). She started this about three weeks ago and has only had about
  11. Used Benzaclin for 1 1/2 years and stayed clear. Now it just stopped working. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Does anyone have any suggestions for help with acne that is directly related to stress. My daughter can break out from stress within 30 minutes to an hour of stressing over things like exams etc. ? Anyone experience this? She has been diagnosed with dysbiosis. She has gotten better with probiotics and supplements but continues to breakout from stress.
  13. Small under the skin bumps all in one area on forehead. They are not whiteheads or blackheads and don't seem to have any substance in them. Benzaclin won't get rid of them. They have been there for 3 months. Won't go away. Any information on what causes them and how to get rid of them.
  14. Butterfly, Who is going to do your punch excisions?