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  1. that sounds really interesting! let me know how it works if anyone is going to try it. just a thought though. since its made with cocoa, would that promote (faster) bacterial growth?
  2. thanks for all the reassuring words:) i'll try out the prescribtion first and see if it works or not...if not, i'll definitely go back to my family dr. and ask him to refer me to another one...or just let him do the job again. i think my family dr did a much better job than my derm, at least he showed that he cared and didn't make me feel like crap after the visits...
  3. today is the 1st time i go visit a derm...i usually just go to my family dr and finally after a year he refers me to this derm. i had to drive for 40 mins to his office, and i waited for an hour and 5 mins for my turn. in the room the guy whos taking notes of the stuff i say (medications i used etc) is just a university student...a trainee. after he got all the stuff down he went out for a long time and came in with the 'real' derm and another trainee and he barely even looked at my face. he jus
  4. http://www.beautydeals.net/shop/details.html?id=4435 I don't use the babybrush since I found this mitt, get 2 so you can wash them often. I really, really like it. However, you have to take this slow too, as you can be too harsh on your face with this too. Sounds like you over did it a bit on the babybrush. Try putting dabs of neosporin on the really red areas and bumps and see if that helps. thanks for the recommendation. however i think i'll let my face rest and heal befor ei do
  5. okay, i think i have to give up this method. i have tried this for three times, and 3 times in a row, i get red, patchy looking skin the next day, and i got a TON of tiny tiny tiny raised red bumps on my whole entire face including the "outer rims" of my cheeks and nose where i NEVER used to have anything there. i don't know what i did wrong and now my face looks like a complete mess and i'm soo depressed. i did get less flakiness after using this method, but the redness and the whole new batc
  6. i tried this method 3 nights ago, and i tried it agian yesterday....but it didn't really help and i think it was kinda prickly and made my face red..ohh and i can STILL see dead skin on my face after doing it.. someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong...!! i bought the safety 1st baby brush from babys r us and i use this method at the sink (i dont' wash my face in the shower) and i run hot water on the brush and brush on my face... few more question... when i just start using this method s
  7. oryon i have very sensitive skin too so i'm still deciding if i should try this method or not. i'm just wondering what made you think that this method is not for you?? did it irritate your skin even more? i have very very sensitive skin and rosacea and some whiteheads and uneven skin tone ( i look like a tomato sometimes) but i have dry flakey skin on my face from time to time (and more these days idk why) so i really want to give this a try. anymore sensitive skin users tried this method b
  8. i recently have these tiny tiny pin sized raised dry skin/numps..i wonder what they are too. they are soo annoying and are starting tp spread on my face. i get them mostly on my cheeks (near my nose) and on my chin now. it is soo annoying and it itches at night. would exfoliating help at getting rid of them or would it just irritate my sensitive and rosacea and acne prone skin even more?? i am so depressed because of this...everything was still fine 2 weeks ago!
  9. someone please help me!! a few days ago the left side of my face started to look really red and ruddy and after i put on my EM foundation it looks SOOOO dry and cakey and like skin is peeling off. the weird thing is this dry thing is only happening on the left side. i do have a little redness on my right side and everywhere else but it is no where near as bad as it is on my left face. i think i have rosacea/eczema and i also have acne (which is a little better after accutane...however i was on
  10. how do you do the wet method?? do you put water into the mineral or onto the brush??? and would it work for the O-Glo formula??
  11. liver update i'm updating because i just got my results for my bloodtest i took on thurs. my liver ALT or AST or something is still high. my dr. has stopped all oral medications on me. this is really, really hard for me right now. i felt like i was given hope when i went on the tane and really, i see my face clearing last week. now that i am off for almost 2 weeks (and on top of stress from exams and almost that time of the month), my skin is going backwards again. i feel like that hope i had is
  12. day 52 i can't believe it, but my doctor called me today and said my bloodtest results was not good. something about my liver not handling this well. so i have to stop this now for 2 weeks. he prescribed me tetra (2 weeks supply) and told me to go get another blood test a week later...he said we'll see from there (let my liver gets back to normal first)....probably going to go on BC pills or back to 20mg/day accutane. i am so frustrated about this. my skin is really getting better and my docto
  13. i'm definitely feeling it. it was annoying when i took 20mg/day when i was on my 1st month...but now its just messing me up. i am taking 40mg a day now and its soo hard for me to just sit down and concentrate...i drift off every 10-15 mins and this is not a good thing ...my finals are coming in less than a week and i am not even CLOSE to being ready.
  14. and i thought i was the only one! i around my 7th week i think and i am sensitive to cold food. i wonder why this is happening???