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  1. You did both on the same day? Probably takes longer to heal then.
  2. He seems to be one of the top acne scar specialists. Great reviews all around (this forum, realself, vitals, healthgrades). Has anyone gotten subcision+rf needling from him? He also seems to do a lot of dermatologic surgery on other conditions as well so maybe hes good at subcision?
  3. Why did you get Fraxel in the first place? For wrinkle improvement? i dont see any scars.
  4. That’s a great improvement achieved only in a few months! Do you know if you have to go back for more? I heard fat grafting doesn’t last forever
  5. I know that subcision is often the best method for severe rolling scars. I also hear that RF microneedling works best on rolling scars among other types of scars. I’m guessing it works on shallow-moderate rolling scars. Whats the reasoning behind this? Also, if it is good for rolling scars, shouldnt microneedling with serum deliver similar results?
  6. Healthy digestive and endocrine system is so important when it comes to skin. I changed my diet drastically by cutting out gluten and dairy. I also started eating less red meat, more fish. It helped so much with my skin.
  7. Hi, all!!! This post probably better fits in hyperpigmentation section but this forum seems way more active and I think I will get better advice here. I have shallow rolling scars on my cheeks (mostly my right cheek) but I still have PIE/PIH that makes them look deeper than they actually are. I want to treat these first and see if I want to treat my rolling scars because it's the PIE/PIH marks that bother me more. I stopped breaking out on my cheeks for a few months now and none of these PI
  8. There are plenty of people who live on with their scars either because 1. they don't have the money or time to invest into treatments 2. they don't let acne scars affect their self-esteem or how they act around people. If youre case 2, great. You won't have any problem in your life. If you're case 1, you'll just learn to live with it over the years. I have shallow-moderate rolling scars on my cheeks and im going to try 2-3 subcisions with RF microneedling. Even if I don't get satisfactory r
  9. I suggest you try something mild at home like dermastamp or chemical peel. Dermatologists won't be worth your money/time.
  10. I saw a couple of youtubers use it. Its called Banish kit. Has anyone ever heard of it? Are they legit? They have some incredible before and after photos (even considering the marketing strategy) from customers. Its $99 and seems overpriced? Edit by Mod: Banish is a over priced multi level marketing organization with over priced products that are not superior.
  11. Do you think mild peeling with AHA or BHA or glycolic acid for a prolonged time (6+ months) can help with shallow scarring? I have shallow rolling scars on my upper cheeks that are most noticeable in harsh overhead lighting or backlight (outside with sun behind me). I always wondered if mild chemical peels or microneedling at home can improve these textures.
  12. @nursegina You would think Boston is full of good cosmetic specialists (dermatologists, plastic surgeons) but they're just pricey without skills. I suggest NYC area if Cali is too far to travel. I heard Dr. Kosari is also good in North Carolina. @thepwhisp did you get subcision done from Dr. Shanthala? I thought about going to her as well but she is a anesthesiologist. I'm not saying that shes not qualified but I would rather spend couple hundred more bucks to travel to acne sca
  13. Here are some photos. What do you guys think? Prolonged hematoma or erythema or hyperpigmentation? I doubt it is hyperpigmentation from sunlight because I mostly stayed inside and applied sunscreen.
  14. Thank you!!! I’ve been mostly staying inside and moisturizing the area. I’ll go get some Vitamin K supplements and eat leafy veggies haha My hemetoma seems to be under the skin since there are no nodules. They just look like big pigmentation marks (dark red). Since theyre on temples, will Pulse Dye Laser actually work on fading the hematoma? Hopefully they will fade away soon. They can act as a filler to prevent re-tethering, right?
  15. Hi everyone. Newbie here. I had subcision done on my temple 4 weeks ago. Right after the procedure.I had severe dark bruising with swelling that seemed like nodules. The swelling/nodules went away in about a week. It has been 4 weeks and I still have dark red marks on my temples where I had subcision. Most of them are flat but some of them are little raised. I can only feel them when I touch them. This website keeps saying that upload cannot be created for whatever reason s