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  1. Is their product pipeline limited to injections for the near future? I really don't see injections fixing the scars of most people here. Many of us have substantial texture issues even at the epidermal level. An injection likely wont hide that since even if the dermal strutures are regenerated, there's still a messed up epidermis. I saw that they're working on excision regeneration technology, but that's looking way toward the future. I don't want to come off as a confrontational or dismiss
  2. You need to get on a treatment to stop the acne and new scarring. Food wont fix your scarring like the previous commenter stated. You'll likely need a combination of treatments that I'm not entirely qualified to speak about. Start by clearing the acne though. I took accutane, but do whatever works best for you.
  3. You just have to be careful. If they accidentally remove some of the fat beneath the dermis, you could end up with a large indentation. That's in addition to the issues of stitching up a circular wound and how it bunches skin. I would do scalpel excision if you're set on it.
  4. There's nothing to lose by expecting the worst. It's a coping mechanism that persists even in light of promising scientific developments. I think it takes more courage to be optimistic.
  5. You can remove as much tissue as you want. Tissue expansion is an inherent ability that the skin has. Stretching the skin actually creates new skin; i's mind blowing but true. Appendages will be more spread out in primary intention wound closure, but I don't find that to be nearly as concerning at a face full of scars.
  6. Both of these being in the same post is very ironic. Microcoring is, by definition, excision that doesn't leave a scar. Using a fringe case that accutane won't fix doesn't mean that people shouldn't be getting on it if they have cystic acne. It will cure the vast majority of people, even if it takes multiple courses.
  7. At the end of the day, the reality is that microcoring wont solve your problem if your damage extends to the hypodermis. It will remove the surface scarring and strictly textural problems, giving a pretty smooth face, but it wont eliminate very deep pits. For that, you'll almost certainly need fat grafting. If you continue to get large cysts, you need to get on accutane, since near-future treatments will most likely not address the hypodermis damage that is typical of severe cysts. The dermis an
  8. I've been microneedling while on accutane. My skin scarred easily before and after accutane all the same. It doesn't seem to make things worse or better so far. I guess I'll give any updates here when appropriate.
  9. Pitted scarring or redness? I don't think it's necessarily whether it's cystic or not that affects the scarring. I think it's just a function of how much inflammation there is and how sensitive the affected skin is. Though I suppose cystic acne usually is more inflamed. I have parts of my face that are much more prone to scarring. My forehead can have the most severe pimple ever, but still have no pitted scarring, while my cheeks near the nose can get slight pitting from minor pimples. I would s
  10. One look around any university will tell you acne atrophic acne scarring is extremely common. I would guess up to 1/3 of people that I see on a daily basis have substantial scarring. How is your zinc and protein intake? There's some evidence that these play significant role in wound healing.
  11. I had the same spontaneous onset of scarring. Have you been taking any medications? My "solution" was to get on accutane, since that will hopefully prevent even average pimples. I'm only on my first month though.
  12. Yeah that's a pretty significant caveat. Excision is still the only true option for full thickness scars. Everything else is just minor, percentage improvements from what I see.
  13. https://sci-hub.tw/https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00266-019-01481-8
  14. I wouldn't expect much of anything until the results of the Cytrellis scar trial come out towards the end of the year.