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  1. Pitted scarring or redness? I don't think it's necessarily whether it's cystic or not that affects the scarring. I think it's just a function of how much inflammation there is and how sensitive the affected skin is. Though I suppose cystic acne usually is more inflamed. I have parts of my face that are much more prone to scarring. My forehead can have the most severe pimple ever, but still have no pitted scarring, while my cheeks near the nose can get slight pitting from minor pimples. I would s
  2. One look around any university will tell you acne atrophic acne scarring is extremely common. I would guess up to 1/3 of people that I see on a daily basis have substantial scarring. How is your zinc and protein intake? There's some evidence that these play significant role in wound healing.
  3. I had the same spontaneous onset of scarring. Have you been taking any medications? My "solution" was to get on accutane, since that will hopefully prevent even average pimples. I'm only on my first month though.
  4. Yeah that's a pretty significant caveat. Excision is still the only true option for full thickness scars. Everything else is just minor, percentage improvements from what I see.
  5. https://sci-hub.tw/https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00266-019-01481-8
  6. I wouldn't expect much of anything until the results of the Cytrellis scar trial come out towards the end of the year.
  7. Wouldn't it be preferable if there is skin tightening? If the excised tube is in the middle of a valley, then the regenerated tissue will still be too low in depth. I would want the wounds to tighten and close so that eventually the deepened areas are shrunk and removed. I've attached an illustration of what I'm saying.
  8. This makes sense considering tissue expansion has been thoroughly proven. This means the tissue will come back as the skin stretches. Amazing! I think this might be what we've waited for. Excision without scarring!
  9. What is this? Can you post a link please?
  10. How do you know there will be no appendages?
  11. I don't have any answers, but I just want to tell you that you're not suffering alone. There are so many of us going through this and we all share your feelings. Stay strong and keep fighting.
  12. I see what you're saying, and I really don't want to sound like a downer, but how do we know that the body knows how to regenerate from a scar. As far as I'm aware, the body can only regenerate from a wound, not scars, since scars don't generate an immune response. We would have to excise all the layers of the scar first, creating a full thickness wound. Are there any cases of a large full thickness wound healing scarlessly in humans? I'm genuinely curious and not trying to be confrontational.
  13. The more I think about this problem, the more I realize acne scarring probably can't truly be fixed, at least in the foreseeable future. Humans don't really understand how to regenerate skin yet, much less regenerate it to fit the curves and contractions of the face. We would have to be able to perfectly control the height and texture of regenerated skin. You also have to consider that people often have very small pits that litter the entire surface of the skin. Are all of these hundreds of pits
  14. My point is that many people here are experiencing progressive scarring and can really benefit from this advice. I agree that food sources are better than supplementation, but both will be sufficient. I didn't say it was impossible to get zinc on a vegan diet, only that some people here may not know of the importance in addressing this possible deficiency. My skin would scar from a mosquito bite, that's how bad it was. I want to help people avoid this. I believe the topic belongs here. It's not