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  1. UPDATE: Long time no post. I did the no face washing regimen for 3 weeks. Although initially it sounded like a pretty stupid idea, it did actually work for me. When I started the regimen, my entire face was very sensitive and full of itchy and painful bumps of various sizes. These eventually faded away during the course of 3 weeks, and now I'm mostly clear. (Except before my period or when I binge on junk food). The most important progress I made is that my skin is now a lot healthier. My
  2. This is day....7? Anyways, I ended up sticking with the regimen after all. Maybe it was my all-nighter that made my face look all crappy after all. Current status: bumps are mostly gone. Skin feels normal. No itchiness. Red marks have faded slightly. Clear except for a few whiteheads. I still have a lot of flesh colored bumps on my forehead though. I'm starting to wonder if I have some sort of folliculitis or dermatitis. They're not visible unless up close and they don't itch, so I'm not too
  3. i was on accutane for 5 months and it has helped at first it was kinda krappy but it works well i know the side affects scare pople but it was my last choice and im glad i made it. feel free to write me with any quiestions you have.

  4. Day 4 Urrghh!!! Frustrating day. No flakes/dead skin, just more whiteheads, sebum plugs and bumps all over. Really sunny and hot today, so skin was oily. My face is looking really gross even though it feels alright. I'm seriously thinking about quitting. Diet: Morning: Morning: Soy milk, mung bean pastries Lunch: Salmon, rice, lettuce Afternoon snack: small bowl of blueberries Dinner: sweet potatoes, celery+cucumber+zucchini salad. After dinner: large bowl of blueberries.
  5. Day 3: Had to go to work today. Nobody seemed to notice anything different about me today. Whew. My skin is starting to become dry. Skin was particularly bad because I had to pull an all-nighter. Red marks became a little more visible again, but papules from yesterday has dried up already. Skin still pretty bumpy imo, especially in T-zone. Gross part is......whiteheads would come up and then dry up throughout the day, and leave tiny sebum plugs on my face after drying up. Could just brush th
  6. Day 2 Urgh. Face feels SO gross. It takes so much restraint to stop myself from washing my face. Good news is that I managed to wash my hair without getting my face wet. Skin looks a little oily. Previous cysts and pimples have gone down, but a new papule came up on my left cheek. I have a lot of tiny whiteheads in my T-zone and right cheek. - Brunch: sweet potatoes, cod, 1 raw tomato, 1 cup of green tea. - Afternoon snack: large bowl of blueberries. - Dinner: corn, ribs, tomatoes
  7. Thanks so much for your input imawkward! The derms I've met are so frustrating. If it's red bumps and it's on your face, it must be acne. -__-' I think it's an allergy reaction as well. I haven't washed my face or put anything on it at all since I posted. At least 80% of the bumps have gone away. The itch is pretty much nonexistent. Even the red marks don't look as visible either. I know everyone raves about Spectro Jel, but I seriously had a bad reaction to it. I will NOT be touching it anym
  8. Whoa, just realized that my posts sounded pretty rude and defensive. Sorry guys, the itch was driving me crazy yesterday so I was pretty moody. Well, I decided to go one step further than the water-washing method (which didn't help the irritation that much before when I tried it) and not wash my face. One full day has passed and the bumps and irritation, not to mention red marks, went away 80%. One of my friends literally said "WHAT did you do?" I'm going to try to keep this up for as long as
  9. OK Day 1. Didn't even wash my hair. Still have to figure out how to do that without water touching my face. So far so good. Hair is disgusting though. I normally wash it very aggressively everyday, and it just gets oilier and oilier. Maybe it'll get better after leaving it alone for a few days? Morning: Face looks more calmed actually. My mom asked me what I did to my face since the red and irritating bumps look a lot less visible now. The red marks are a LOT less visible. My friend actuall
  10. Hey Wapak, I'm going to start this regimen today. Do you think dry-skin brushing would be a good idea to get rid of the flakes? And when you talk about resuming washing the face like a normal person, what would be a good time to start doing that? Thanks for the info! Really hope this works. *fingers crossed*
  11. I've been to 3 different derms, and this is actually the best one. At least he's not a relentless Accutane pusher. If anyone knows actually competent derms in Vancouver. Let me know! All the ones I've been to are crazy about ONE product they swear by. (Accutane, Benzaclin or RetinA) Maybe I'm not making myself clear. I started my diet/holistic regimen LAST YEAR and stuck with it for 3 months of slow progress. I gradually got clear and stayed clear until the Spectro disaster. Well, I stuck
  12. Well, it took me about 3 months to get clear initially and stayed clear for 5 months. I took out gluten and chicken in my diet (cuz of my sensitivity) and ate vegetables and fruits mostly. Diet regimen is in my sig. I just made sure I got enough sleep each day ( try to go to bed before 12). It worked great until I decided to use Spectro Jel. None of the diet stuff changed what-so-ever. And I've had these bumps for over a month now. Each morning, they seem to be mostly gone. In the shower (sa
  13. I've already tried this before. The organic tea tree oil (diluted with jojoba oil myself) irritated my skin. It did keep some pimples at bay somewhat, but not enough. And it BURNED. If this thing ends up being disastrous, I can always try to revert to my current regimen: BP wash, jojoba oil, tea tree oil. Maybe I'll take out the cleanser and try MaMa lotion at some point. I'd hate to be dependent on these things for the rest of my life though. Once I went camping and didn't wash my face for
  14. I just went through a very trying month in terms of acne. I don't get cysts often right now (maybe 5/yr) due to my 5% BP wash and diet changes. My bacne and chest acne are gone. My puberty is definitely done I think. My periods are regular, and I stopped having premenstrual symptoms most of the time. However, my face is oily and itchy all the time, with small red bumps all over. There have been times when I thought my face is ugly while I had the cysts, but now I look barely human. I'm going
  15. Has anyone else experienced this: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/help-wit-s-t245321.html while on Spectro Jel? I used the purple one. I'm really confused since everyone seems to swear by this product, but it totally ruined my face.