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    Best facewash

    Best facewash

    Switched from using an expensive face routine to using this, bp, and a cerave lotion and it cleared 99% of my acne. I feel like the cause of my acne was not cleaning my skin enough. I was on proactive for 2~ weeks and my acne got the worst its ever been, started using this face wash and within a week my skin was the best it had ever been in time for school. Tip: make a really good lather on your hands then rub into your face for around a minute making sure not to leave any spaces unwashed, if I
  2. Ruined my skin

    I've never not been able to leave the house because of how bad my acne was, today that changed. I woke up after the first week of using this product with inflamed acne on my forehead, cheeks, nose, and cheek. Normally I don't get acne on my nose but ever since using this product I've noticed a steady increase in acne. I'm so embarrassed and school starts in less than a week. My acne has never been this abundant, painful, and large and I have no idea how to treat it. Do not but Proactive if you h