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  1. centella asiatica is contained in many wound healing creams
  2. hi everyone, I wanted to give an update. it is now 16 months since the chemical burn. the shine of the skin is decreasing, and so is the redness. Lucidity is linked to the hydration of the skin in the healing phase. I will continue to update the topic in the coming months
  3. hello everyone is it possible do tca cross on an old chemical burn matured scar (2 y.o.)? this scar is the result of a deep tca peel, my skin is completely healed now. thanks
  4. excellent, especially on the forehead I do not see scars. Your boxscars on cheeks have softened. I hope you will continue to improve in this marathon. Dr Emil is good, I would wisit him soon
  5. they look like chicken pox scars, atrophic scars. I would recommend dermastamp once a month, and if it doesn't work you can ask a dermatologist experienced in scars to use subcision + filler (especially on the largest scar in the center above the glabella), or just a filler (firstly a temporary filler, like HA filler). good luck
  6. hi my texture and very shallow scarring have improved, I would say 40-50%. but the treatment doesn't do much for atrophic scars. In that case, the filler or subcision + filler is better.
  7. hi everyone, this is my situation now. After two home sessions ( 15% tca peel + microneedling), performed in 3 months (20 days between). I noticed that my scars are atrophic (loss of subcutaneous volume). Could they be called shallow boxscars? I am thinking, for these scars, of dealing with fillers + subcision. is it a good idea? thank you very much.
  8. hi recently I've treated my acne scars (boxscars, very light scarring, raised) with two sessions of dermarolling (1.5mm) and tca peel 15%, as suggested by beautifulambition (very good and cultured person). I've noticed good improvement, I extimated 50%. My question is: are these improvements permanent? thanks in advance
  9. hello, are there new updates? thanks in advance
  10. hi thanks for your answer. responding to what you have assumed, it is a red halo that disappears if I pull the skin with my fingers. so I guess it's an erythema. My issue is the same of this guy : https://www.realself.com/question/persistent-redness-after-tca-peel-years I have a similar red halo. I think I can rule out that the skin has not been exfoliated, because I remember well that the peeling took place correctly on the whole area. I would li
  11. Hello to all, about 9 months ago (24.06.2019) I practiced a 35% tca peeling on my own (I have a skin of medium skin type 4, Mediterranean), today I still have a red halo where the peeling was practiced. I believe it is PPPE (prolonged post peeling erythema). https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Severe-erythema-and-hyperpigmentation-following-chemical-peel-A-The-patient-had-marked_fig2_267932469 I read that this complication, if it lasts more than 3 months, is to be consider
  12. good afternoon toto, unfortunately, even my skin has not yet returned to normal. there is a red halo where the peeling was done, on March 24th it will be 9 months after the peeling. Anyone know a remedy? I read that it is a complication called prolonged-post-peeling-erythema (PPPE). Thanks to anyone who can help us.
  13. hi i want ask if adapalene 0,1% made something for acne scars. i ask it because this study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6002315/ is referred to adapalene 0.3%. adapalene 0,1% is a good concentration for acne scarring? thank you for any response
  14. hi everyone, what method is the best for this type of scars? thank you for any suggestion
  15. thank you very much for your suggestion, I will ask about cerave pm to my dermatologist. How many time is generally necessary to fade completely? I want to add a detail for people who will read topic. My skin look as waxy if I see it on the light, this appareance is considerable when skin is wet, and less considerable when skin is dry. I also notice that erythema is more visible when my skin is wet. (Sorry for my bad english, I'm not mother tongue)