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  1. I think your scars are rolling now, and probably hardly anyone would pay any more attention to them. You solved your life in my opinion.
  2. in your opinion, how % improvements did you have? In my opinion, 60/70%
  3. your story teaches that with perseverance you get results. congratulations
  4. come on, a little sensitivity.... It makes no sense to discredit a person's improvements just because they have not been personally satisfied with their treatments.
  5. yes I agree. in fact, many doctors put only the photos of patients with the greatest improvements on social networks; and this leads us to think that everyone will have that improvement. but instead they forget to mention that, if you are lucky, you will have the results in the photos. p.s.: for boxscars edges, tca paint and shouldering with lasers "should" work very well.
  6. you have to consider that age also makes a difference (if I'm not mistaken you said you were over 50); furthermore, the scars that require subcision are the most difficult, because they imply that the breaking of the subcutaneous bands stimulates the production of collagen (so it also depends a lot on your body). while the tca cross, after 3-5 treatments, almost always gives results.
  7. excision is the last solution; if you have ice pick you should try the tca CROSS. usually with 3-5 treatments you will have excellent results.
  8. I'm sorry you had these results. I have seen numerous cases here on the forum of people who have had good improvements, but with a lead time of at least a year. but honestly I have also seen cases of deterioration. Unfortunately, scar treatments are sometimes also a matter of pure luck.
  9. what% of improvement did you get with the laser? what kind of laser? what scars? how many treatments? thank you very much.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, the filler radiesse should be reabsorbed in 6-18 months. however if you have problems you could ask the doctor. in this same topic, a boy had a lump and the doctor reassured him and gave him an injection of kenalog. I'm very sorry, I know what it's like to have damage. But it's usually fixable damage. dont give up man
  11. For estimate deepness i suggest you seeing this topic. Maybe you need subcision because you have a little atrophy due to acne. Anyway I hope your “scars” don’t bother you, this not make sense imho. derms expert in scar revision use the "Wood light" for estimate deepness of scars
  12. I’m not a dermatologist, but I think everything is able going under epidermis, will give permanent results. However a lot of users in this forum had permanent results by lasers.
  13. @JPK @crusher22 have you some photos of your issues?