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  1. this is exactly the result I'm looking for thank you very much @gynoscar you give me hope
  2. Which results did you have on shallow scars?
  3. No because these scars are very shallow
  4. Yes They are very small, under 1 millimeter diameter, looks like enlarged scarred pores
  5. I had 2 CO2 laser with a very reputable european doctor, but after almost 9 months since my last CO2 laser I can affirm I had no results. what could i do? these are very shallow scars, it looks like dots. I'm thinking about erbium laser resurfacing. Could it helps? which settings are suggested? I'm also thinking about anterior chemabrasion my goal is just melt borders of these scars. thanks in advance
  6. have you ever tried RF genius microneedling?
  7. thank you very much for your testimony. In practice, phenol peeling removes only very superficial scars. Did I get it right? Thanks in advance
  8. hi thank you very much for your answer dermabrasion was a life change for you? may I ask you where and who performed it? a thousand of thanks
  9. is it possible to achieve a similar result with ablative laser?
  10. Hello everybody in the past few months I have been seeing some cases of ablative laser treatments that have amazing results. For example for Dr. Emil, or Dr. @drfazeelaabbasi. Both are on IG. What do you think? has there really been a step forward with ablative lasers? Honestly, after 2 CO2 laser treatments, months later I can say that my superficial scars have not improved. Only the TCA cross gave visible results. What do you think? thank you
  11. Honestly your face looks good also with your minor scars. anyway I suggest you accutane, and after that tca cross or paint and co2 laser low density, 3-5 sessions for good improvements
  12. Honestly not “impacting” scars, really
  13. yes, I did it. I went from Italy on thursday, and my treatments was on Friday. I flied out on Friday morning, just after my scars treatment. yes, I will post it as much as I can.
  14. an update 2 months and a few days after my third treatment with Dr. Emil. Quite simply, one of the best investments of my life. I am very satisfied with the result of the tca cross, I can objectively say that the improvement after 3 treatments is at least 50%. I am also satisfied with the CO2 laser, it works on very superficial scars. I am less satisfied with the subcision, but I am satisfied, also because my atrophy is noticeable only if I smile and disguise himself with a beard. My quality