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    i love to go shopping. i run for fun and for my school's cross country and track team. i love music and movies and all kinds of stuff. im a harry potter fanatic and love lotr also....theres so much more to me that i dont wanna type here cuz it'd take too long so jus im or email me if u'd like!
  1. it cleared me up a little bit when i was taking it but it made my face really oily...
  2. really? coolie...okey then. i will prolly buy a few packets then or something.
  3. oh ok. well if you do know, i think at least most prescriptions do worsen your face the 1st or 2nd week but improves like in 4-12 wks whenever. i was really afraid for the same reason too but its cleared me up pretty good. i havent been on it that long tho. dont worry, hopefully it will improve you too
  4. that is so crappy! im so sry u had to go through that. no one wants to hear that crap at all! ur friend and teacher are both really mean. ur friend is supposed to support you not make freakin remarks that will hurt you. maybe time to look for a new friend?
  5. do u put it on in the morning or night-time? if nighttime you dont have to worry about it...it feels greasy on ur face anyway
  6. i read in a magazine that for people who have acne shouldn't use masques because they irritate the skin. why is that? is that true? advice pls..
  7. chuck!! stay friends w/her! it sounds like u guys have a lot going for u two and that u guys are really good friends! even if nothing happens in the future, jus stay her friend. cuz why would u wanna lose a friendship like that? maybe in the near future when u guys hang out more and get to know each other even better, u can tell her how u feel? great story man
  8. i agree with what missionary man said about the fluorescent and bright lights..those suck much!!
  9. used it. made it less noticable and less red. jus use the white colgate.
  10. if the pimple is red, it lessens it and makes it smaller.
  11. im on that right now with other stuff...erm...but ya its too early to see really. it cleared up a little.
  12. i used that but it made my face really oily..ya, hm? i dk why tho. it does clear u up but after a while my body got immune to it and then wouldnt clear me up anymore.
  13. welcome welcome welcome!!! ya, i did the same thing, jus surfing the net one day and found this board. its the greatest. ppl here are so cool and theyre feeling the same thing. so u wont feel alone anymore here!