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  1. bravo bravo...wings deserved to win...i guess. haha.

  2. >_> You mean:


  3. GO PENS GO!!!

  4. damn...acne is by far the not the worst thing on this planet. not even close.
  5. u need to make urself happy before u can make someone else happy. CHEERUP OL BUCKEROO!!
  6. WOW!! everyting but laos. thats so cool, ive never met a mutt as almost identical as me, haha. so where do u call home? i live in canada..brrr, not used to this, we tropical folks.

  7. HAHAHAHAA!!! thats effin hilarious!! im sure the ladies find ur humor very attractive. wooopsy daisy, this is a reply to tst3r's reply.
  8. waddup bra!! haha, maybe ur thinking about it way too much, i get the same unconfortable feelings when ppl stare at me. u just have to think about the positives they see in u, who seriously looks for flaws in ppl?!!? it just doesnt make sense, if ur feeling vibes from females u should let them approach u, or approach them. u do say u try to look good, maybe to them u do? if u look someone in the eyes long enough, they look directly into urs aswell, not left right down up, at ur scars and acne. u
  9. hahaha yeah, im chinese/viet/laos/cambo, what about you?

  10. haha ill take that as a compliment. is that ur backround? not that it matters...just curious.

  11. lol you do too.

  12. alot, i probably could have adopted 43 children from cambodia from how much i spent.
  13. hahaha, she was probably trying to sound cute, so desperate teens can be like " omg tiffany thats what i need, it sounds like the bestest thing out there, like omg". proactive is a joke. one of the biggestest scams out there.