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  1. Just had 100% tca applied to my scars, 2 days ago how long till I can Dermaroll again at home? thanks
  2. I just wanted to say scars or not you are a very good looking young man. I know how you feel I also have some pretty decent acne scars (I’m a female myself) and I have never had a problem with getting a date. If anyone judges you by them there probably not someone you would want to have in your life anyway..for now if you’d like to hide the redness you could wear a tinted moisturiser (I have guy friends that wear it so don’t worry about being a “guy” and wearing it) I have boxcar acne scars myse
  3. So this is a photo from a couple months ago I’ve had 2 microneedling rf and a session of fillers and would say my scaring is about 25-30% better. But was just wondering what type of scars are these mainly? This is my worst side my other side is about a 1/3 if this.
  4. Hi keith i dont think the retain a would work alone. Though roaccutane does have pretty bad side effects it does work wonders in clearing acne..I’ve had friends who have had severe acne and did 1 6 month course of roaccutane and there skin cleared beautifully..1 course is usually enough to clear acne for life..I wish my parents got me on this when I was young so I didn’t have to deal with acne in my mid 20s instead.
  5. Your acne isn’t to to to bad,your forehead is pretty clear from what I can see? Just mainly your cheeks which looks like cystic acne or nodules..given your age I think roaccutane would be a good choice for you..has some major side effects but It does wonders for clearing acne..just please do not pick at the cysts! I had similar acne and constantly picked at them and now I’m left with deep pitted acne scars.
  6. So I never suffered with acne as a teenager and then bam I hit 25 and started getting severe adult acne..I went on Diane 35 pill which eventually cleared it after 5 months..but now I’m left with deep pitted acne scars across both my cheeks. I’m so self conscious of this and it’s making me severely depressed..especially as I use to be really pretty before I had the scars (sorry I don’t mean to sound vein) but I feel like my looks is the only thing I’ve ever had going for me in my life..as I’m not
  7. Not bad if your patient enough.

    Started breaking out terribley 3 years ago at the age of 23..severe cystic acne all over my cheeks and forehead..my doctor recommended this pill..however it did break me out even more for the first 3 months. (It’s like it purged all the crap from your skin first before clearing it) at month 4 I noticed my skin started to clear...at month 5 my skin was 100% clear. So I do recommend to all the girls to stick it out it does work! You just have to be patient and give it time. It really does get wors