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  1. Jillyane

    Doesn't break out my skin Yellow color is too noticeable Takes a long time to dry Difficult to wear under makeup I was excited that Dan was putting out a new formula but I've tried this for three months and I've found that I can only use it at night. It is too greasy for day time use and the yellow color is noticeable when I use a lot of it. I've used acne.org moisturizer since 2008 and now I'm having to change :(
    It works! Bleaches clothing Takes a while for your skin to adjust. As a 30 year-old that has suffered with acne for 18 years, this is the best stuff out there. At first, my skin did not respond well but within a month or two, things turned around (well worth the wait!)
  2. Hi, I've been away from the message boards for a long time but next month I will hit 2 years on the regimen. Just wanted to let you know that I had the same thing happen to me when I started the regimen. I thought I saw initial results but than proceeded to have some of the worst acne I had ever experienced. If I remember correctly, it was at its worst about 2 months in. However, I fought through and I'm so glad I did. I'm clear 99% of the time now. It was hard to stick through the tou
  3. Yes, my skin got much worse before it got better. But, it did get better!
  4. I just want to hop in and say that it also took me a long time to clear up. I had the worst acne I ever remember in my life during the first couple months on the regimen. Thank God for the people on this forum keeping me going. I started last November and now I rarely, rarely break out - in fact, I can't even remember the last time I had a zit! Before, there wasn't a day where I had clear skin. I'm 27 years old and never had anything work so well for me. If you can give it a try, see if y
  5. My first two to three months were horrible and I constantly questioned if it was all worth it. Things seemed to only get worse for me at the beginning. BUT.... now I'm finishing my 8 month mark and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I've had acne for 14 years and this is the best my skin has ever looked. Almost every day I'm clear and to me that is priceless and worth every second in the bathroom. Best wishes to you whether you stick with it or not.
  6. I can't guarantee anything... but I can tell you that I've personally had great success using sugar as my exfoliant. I put cetaphil moisturizer on my finger and then dip that into sugar. This method has never broken me out and I've found it really helps as an added step to the Regimen. Best wishes finding what works for you!
  7. I use sugar (mixed with moisturizer) every morning. Has helped me a lot.
  8. My breakout occurred about a month into the regimen and was horrible, especially on my cheeks. It even caused friends and family to ask why my face was so much worse than normal. Struggled through and now I'm clear almost all the time. (Over 6 months in)
  9. I agree that you should give Dan's BP a try. I held out on buying it and used NOTS for a while but the switch to Dan's is well worth the money. Also, I use Purpose Cleanser and Cetaphil moisturizer and have had great results with both. I personally prefer the Cetaphil CREAM moisturizer much more than the Cetaphil LOTION - so check which one you are buying. Good luck!!
  10. I've been on the regimen for just over 6 months. I'm extremely happy to say that I'm completely clear for the first time in 14 years. I did however have a horrible breakout all over my face when I was about a month into the regimen. It was such a severe beakout that I heavily considered stopping, but thankfully, I didn't. My modifications are listed in my signature. Most notably, I exfoliate my face with sugar every single morning. I honestly think this is an important step for me pers
  11. I feel like a broken record because I'm always saying this... but the same thing happened to me. At about a month into the regimen, my skin got MUCH worse than it had been before the regimen. I started breaking out in new places (I had the same thing with my forehead) and overall I had larger, more painful acne. All I can tell you is that I stuck with it and couldn't be happier I did. I started in November and today I've once again woken up with absolutely no acne. The best part is that my
  12. I LOVE What Not to Wear and have been watching it for years. One of my favorite shows for sure. In fact, I learned to exfoliate with sugar from an episode where Carmindy recommended it... one of the best facial tips I've ever received!!! Works great with Dan's regimen!
  13. I would second Elsewhere's comment about using salicylic acid if it doesn't bother your skin. I use BP on the majority of my face but found that after months of trying, the area around my mouth just wouldn't adjust to BP. So, I went back to using a cream SA (I had used it before the regimen) on that part of my face. I've found that using Dan's techniques with the SA (slowly build up until you are using lots of it, be gentle... etc.) has given me better results than I had using SA before.
  14. I personally miss the blue bottles. The word ACNE just seems to pop too much off the white bottles and catch my eye - just makes me think about acne more than I already do. Plus, I thought the blue bottles looked more professional. Of course, it doesn't matter if it arrived in the ugliest thing in the world... I'd still use it. More importantly, I have to agree that the bottles look way too much alike!! My face was NOT too happy last week when in my early-morning tiredness I accidently pu