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  1. My boyfriend has red, bumpy, painful looking bacne almost to his butt and although my skin's never been that bad I have me own issues with it so I have no problems with it. I actually asked him if I could see it early-ish on in the relationship to try and make him not so self concious (which it seems to have done, he's had me look at it a few times just to compare and he doesn't seem to have any issues with being shirtless around me) and my only reaction was "Oh babe I can fix that". Bottom line
  2. I'm not sure about the ones you can't get anything out of but I have little ones around my lips that the worm of gunk comes out of that I think is from my chapstick. The clear stukk on the bottom of the hair sounds like the normal Root sheath of the hair, the inflamation is probably unrelated unless the stuff on the bottom of the hair was more waxy, yellow or off-white, in which case it's proabably a kind of ingrown hair.
  3. OMG do dermatologists like screwing with us? I had that same problem except the dermatologist couldn't get me entered into the ipladge thing, and then when I did get in the ipledge system didn't tell the dermatologist to talk to the pharmacist so I could get my pills. I'm supposed to be able to get them tomorrow, but I think they're all out to get us! lol
  4. I was totally the same way- tetracycline was a godsend to me, but then I found out it could screw me over if I had a more medically relavent infection, so I looked for a substitute. It turns out that 50 mg of zinc gives a comperable amount of relief to acne sufferers without the side effects. It's worked for me, I've been on it for at least 6 months and my skin looks the same as when I was on tetracycline. You do want to get a supplement with 2 mg of copper in it though, since Zinc without it ov
  5. I use .05% retin-a micro at night in addition to BP, and BP in the morning as well, since BP alone gives me blackheads. I get a little red and irrated though, so I'm going back to the derm to see what she can do for me
  6. sounds like you didn't get what I call the 'core' out of it, and it's still making pus. have you tried opening it and then putting treatment on it? Tea tree oil helps, as does sulfur
  7. In my experience it's better to have your sunscreen and your moisturizer seperate- my skin does all sorts of weird things if I have spf in my moisturizer
  8. This may be in the wrong forum and if it is feel free to move me to a more effective place. I'm trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life, and started thinking about how since I am so frustrated with my skin that I research and test out all sorts of remedies I should be an acne doctor. Now I know a dermatologist is offical proffesion of such issues, but I wonder if there is a way to specialize just in acne. Has anyone heard of a career like that? Or is dermatology the only way to
  9. Neosporin is a tricky business. I find it most useful once the area has been heavily medicated with any kind of anti-acne treatment (sulfur, salicylic acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, ect) and best for scabs that once were pimples, instead of healing pimples. If you have the luxury of being alone for a few hours, or not caring if your face is all shiny, you can spot treat with Neosporin and then when it's absorbed spot treat with anti-acne gel to minimize breaking out around those areas.
  10. Burt's bees Res-Q Ointment has workeed really well for me to heal scabs and scarring of all kinds, from pimples to bruises to broken capillaries from picking. I would reccomend it at night more so then day though, since it's very green and noticable. It's first ingredient that's not an emollient is comfrey root which according to their site stimulates new cell growth and increases cell production to support more rapid healing.