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  1. Same story here. My forehead, nose and cheeks almost never get pimples anymore. I also used to have terrible back acne which went away for no apparent reason.
  2. This is a big part of why I got a water filter. Even if it doesn't cure my acne, I still don't want that crap in my body. I've read my city's annual water report, and despite all the trace amounts of chemicals being deemed "safe" by our authorities, the research I've done says otherwise. I've read studies that say things like "1 in 10 frogs exposed to x amount of chemical had y reaction". So think about how that would work for a society with a tainted water supply. If trace amounts of something
  3. That's a good point, but why would that affect primarily people in the modern western world? What do we eat/drink/do that others don't? I've considered the vitamin D thing, but i'm not convinced because I've found little correlation between my break outs and the amount of sun I'm getting. I've found a possible correlation between things like excessive exercise or not enough, sex, certain foods, and stress. But again, none of those make sense as isolated causes, and none are consistent. For examp
  4. I came here to similarly vent, maybe I'll just reply to your thread instead. 32 years old and I still haven't figured out the "root cause". I gave up on topical stuff a good decade ago because it became obvious to me that they're selling false hope to make you spend your money and become dependent. Maybe it works temporarily for some people or some types of moderate acne, but it just made things worse for me and now I'm quite cynical about being fed lies for 20 years. Never tried accutane or ant