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  1. Hi, Yes I think a lot of us feel the same way - helpless haha. I think acne is just as poorly understood as cancer to be perfectly honest... But unlike cancer acne really "marks" you and as superficial as that sounds it really affects self esteem. Just... I dunno. I totally get the feeling having been an acne sufferer myself... Sometimes I just get sick of my own thoughts and wonder what it must be like to just have no concept of acne.... Which is why I'm fascinated by people who have been
  2. Thanks again for your reply and for the information! I had to google borax as I'd never heard of it before...! I didn't realise it was a homemade shampoo... Thanks so much! I'm not keen on looking for another dermatologist as I've just not had a good experience over the past 2 decades... but I'll keep this in mind in case I finally cave yet again and decide to look for one (which I think will be a feat in itself because people in my area just aren't even familiar with Accutane even! Whic
  3. Hi Elaine, thanks so much for your reply! I have never been tested for demodex skin mites and I'm not sure where I should even go to get such testing. The dermatologist that I last went to in my town didn't seem to offer any sort of testing (he diagnosed and prescribed treatment just by looking... and by looking I really mean just like a glance...). Hearing how many different kinds of acne and recalling all of the times I've been "diagnosed" by dermatologists over the years without them eve
  4. Hi there! Err.. I'm not a scientist myself, I'm just referring to articles like this that I have come across online. I couldn't tell you what the the sample sizes are or who funded/commissioned the study etc because I haven't actually read the source material (the studies themselves - I think the article does mention who ran the study). I've come across these claims several times (probably the articles are referring to the same study, I really don't know as I haven't cross-referenced), while loo
  5. Hi, I'm a adult cystic hormonal acne sufferer and like pretty much every other acne sufferer am still battling with the physical and emotional scars of acne. This is common among people with acne (illogical as it is)... but I do it too - I avoid social situations whenever I can because I am conscious of how horrible my face looks (and feels). A while ago, I came across a Youtube channel called The Tommy Edison Experience and just wanted to share because he almost never fails to cheer me up
  6. Thanks! I went to the drugstore today and got a product with Nystatin in it (picture below), it's not technically for acne but it has Nystatin in it so I'll give it a go! I I wasn't able to find anything with Alazeic acid though... Maybe it's banned in Japan (like BP). I'm really not sure. I do know that Benzoyl Peroxide cream is not available in Japan (previously I ordered it online)... Acne is relatively calm today, notwithstanding the little uninflamed comedones... I hope this can contin
  7. I didn't think I had a dandruff problem but maybe I did! I mean I know what it is to have really bad dandruff and my scalp isn't constantly flaking, but I do sometimes get dandruff (it always went away after a good wash - I just used ordinary shampoo until today). I didn't think I had a white tongue, but now I really don't know. I've looked at some pictures of tongues online and am still uncertain..! Maybe I do have candida... I've looked online at the other symptoms and I honestly don't kn
  8. I hope you have good results with your treatment! Your new dermatologist sounds very capable... I have never (literally not even once) had a dermatologist take a swab of my skin to actually scientifically determine on a microscopic level what is out of balance in my skin microbiome... or even have a close look at my skin. I always got the feeling that the doctors were just sort of amused and grossed out by me. Then again I live in a really small rural town so I guess it's hard to expect muc
  9. I also sometimes get a bunch of huge cysts (concentrated on one side of the face) overnight... And I can never figure out what caused it to flare so suddenly. For now I'm trying to use antifungals (Lamsil, antidandruff and a bifonazole anti fungal cream). Seems to be clearing some of my jaw/neck/chin cysts but I can't say for certain yet...
  10. Hi again, I bought Lamisil and have been using it for about 4 days. I also looked around for some antidandruff shampoo - I wasn't able to find Nizoral which is the one that everyone seems to talk about - but I found SOMETHING anyway... there were so many different brands that in the end I just had to take a wild stab... I've started using the antidandruff shampoo today. I was reading an article about dandruff care in japan according to which ketaconazole is an active ingredient in Nizo
  11. I don't know if "jealous" is the right word... I love my sister and she's always really inspired me for being mentally strong. She's never had to deal with acne on her face but she's had to deal with a lot of other shit in her life and she's always looked out for me too... and I would never wish to switch places with her (acne wise)! She (sister) had back acne for a while, but her face has always been clear and she's always had nice skin too, really smooth and white like ivory... But yeah,
  12. I wanted to know if my hormones were out of balance so I did go to a gynaecologist several years ago. I had severe menstrual pain and of course there was the acne too. Frustratingly the doctor said that there was nothing wrong with my hormones. I didn't like that the gynaecologist was a man either, it just felt weird... I'm not trying to be sexist here it's just I would have preferred a female gynaecologist but I live in a small town and all of the doctors are male... Anyway... he did say
  13. Hi there, thanks for your reply! I've heard about DIM but I'm not sure whether it's right for me? I've never been on birth control although I have been on antibiotics/Accutane in the past... I've tried oral supplements in the past like milk thistle without noticing any difference... I've never worked out why my shoulder/back acne cleared up (it used to be severe, so severe that my bedsheets would get bloody from the acne - sorry TMI!!). In my earlier years my forehead was the problem area,
  14. I tend to agree that acne must be a result of some combination of lifestyle factors (including diet, sufficient activity and exposure to sunlight) and hormonal imbalance (stress, chemicals in the environment and food supply, exposure to plastics and micro plastics which disrupt hormones) But exactly what food item or specific lifestyle factor or chemical, etc, I have no idea... Am in the same boat with you there... one sinking in confusion haha! This is rather unhelpful but I really think it is
  15. Hi, I’ve never gone full caveman, I’ve always used some sort of soap or face wash to get the gunk off my face.. I work with people of all ages including kids... can’t really do my job without putting on some makeup... How long did it take you to see results on the caveman regimen? Look forward to your post! For the time being I don’t think I could do it... I’d get too many “You should wear makeup/ You should go to the dermatologist” comments... My boss one time suggested I needed