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  1. Wow I cannot imagine going through this myself. That is some dedication dude! Congrats! It sounds like the most difficult part is over now. Looks like you just need a few more months of recovering? Did you mostly just stay at home? Did you have someone look over you? Get groceries and stuff? I wouldnt be able to do this without my parents or my gf.
  2. Congrats! Thats a hell of an improvement from one session of subcision!
  3. I came across something called Bellafill a few months ago. I didn’t bother researching it after I heard about the stories of PMMAs migrating over the years or forming a granuloma. The story about how the company went bankrupt and the name was rebranded made it even more sketchy. I recently read that Bellafill is different from Artefill because they changed the formulation and the size of the PMMA particles. Apparently, the reformulation made the PMMA particles to not migrate. Is this actua
  4. Did anyone get cannula subcision+filler or RF microneedling from her? I see a lot of people mentioning her here but I don’t really see any reviews of her. She has some concerning reviews on yelp and google. Maybe its her staff and the other doctor. Im not sure. She doesn’t have too many photos of acne scarring procedure on her website. More info on her would he greatly appreciated! I’m located in Boston and trying to find doctors in NYC and New England area mainly.
  5. Hi guys! I suffered from severe acne for about 5,6 years. I just get one or two acne every now and then whenever I dont get enough sleep or feel stressed (I still have oily skin tho) Now, I’ve been trying to treat both hyperpigmentation/rosacea and rolling scars for the past year or two. I’ve done non-ablative Fractional resurfacing (3 times), IPL laser, Excel V laser. Fractional laser left my skin super sensitive and red (rosacea) so I stopped doing it. I did IPL and excel V lase