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  1. just wondering because the sauna at my gym is always at 180 degrees cleans out pores fast but could cause irratation?
  2. just wondering because right now im angry at my roomate for not paying his part of the rent but i dont really know what im feeling right now.
  3. ahhh i see thank you so sun is good but in moderation
  4. okay im so confused my derm said the sun was good because it dries out acne lesions,here it says its bad thing because it can cause bad irratation?? any thoughts? just want to get this cleared up
  5. LOOOOOONG story short, i cut bp bottle open took out remaining BP and put it in ziplock bag, i have another new BP bottle but i dont wanna open it yet if i still have some...will the BP in the bag last for about a week? i tried to take as much air out of it as possible.
  6. i donno if thats the problem, i rub it in for a while but then it just stays white, it doesnt seem like most of it absorbs in my skin, thats why i put moistureizer after.
  7. okay i use the aha at drugstore .com the 10% enhanced lotion.not experienceing any irratation but i do have non sensitive skin my question is that it doesnt absorb as well as i thought after i put it on after cleanser so when the aha dries i apply dans moistureizer, does anyone think this will lessen or stop it from working.
  8. can i get it at rite aid or cvs?
  9. yes thank you i have been using the differin but every 2 nights, dont ask me why but its been working for me so no point switching right
  10. okay so today im just about somewhere in the 3 month range of the regimen, going good but today i finally broke down in front of the mirror. but not because of my acne but because my legs gave up on me and told me im not standing here any longer. every night it seems like its forever before i finish apllying BP on my face when i go to bed, but tonight was different. i said screw this and got a chair and sat in it in front of the mirror and i have to say it felt so great i was smiling w
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-H3a2SfRck...feature=related !!WARNING!! this video is about the biggest cryst or something ive ever seen, and a guy cut a whole in it hisself!!! and hes squeezing everything out of it!! be ready to be HORRIFIED honestly the scariest thing ive ever seen