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  1. Dane cook also has acne scars. HD really does make facial flaws more noticeable. While it makes them less glamorous, at least it means they're prone to these things just like we are. We're all human anyway, not perfect.
  2. Yo dude, do you hang out on the UC area where the guys play Smash Bros. ALL THE TIME?! Talking about UTSA, of course. I go there as well. :)
  3. That's pretty scary. It's clearing up alot now since I decided to use benzoyl peroxide (thanks PJW for bringing it back up, gave me second thoughts).
  4. lol, yeah. It's a pain, ain't it?
  5. Yeah, I tried benzoyl peroxide a long time ago. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't (made me bleed once, my face was all dry and I couldn't stand it). And I also have a sinus problem. Had it when I started to grow up where I can only get a better circular flow of air through my mouth, otherwise I couldn't sleep.
  6. Hi, i've been to this place couple of times and I decided to join and post some pictures. I've been having acne off and on for a few years now since probably middle school. It didn't get bad until my junior and senior year in high school and now, thanks to incredibly relieving alot of stress and constant face washing with axe body wash, it's getting better. But it's not all gone yet. Here are a few pictures. The biggest problem I have is these cysts growing. The one on my cheek is sta