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  1. I have it and like it. It's quite dry which works reallyw ell on my oily skin. Did you get the pointy brush too? Just remember to really wash it of well (maybe use some oil toremove) because it's waxy.
  2. Hi everyone, I just got back from my derm and his esthetician and I we were discussing my recent TCA peels (which went really well btw), and she mentioned that "short term contact" TCA treatment seems to be really effective for mild to moderate acne. Maybe this is old news to some of you but I just thought I'd post it since it might help someone. Here is how it works. You can buy TCA from Makeupartistschoice.com which is where I get mine. I'm scared of ebay since I don't know what i'll get but
  3. I've used differin for 4+ years and it doesn't help at all with my blackheads. I'm on Obagi now and I think the combination of Retin A and The different acids in the other products are doing wonders. I've never been this blackhead free before (it's like I have someone elses nose!) . Maybe try Reting -A instead?
  4. gah spoke to soon. went home last night to two new painful zits on my forehead and a small one on my chin. Oh well ( Thankfully I'm not peeling as much today. Also my melasma appears to be completely gone, as is my last red mark. I should have more time this weekend to really check out whats going on. right now I've been applying my Obagi while watching the news at night and my husband and i have been so tired we konk out right after. not much time for inspection lol.
  5. stopping by real quick for an update. I am at my new job right now. yesterday was fine. My skin looked SO good with hardly any flakes and no acne at all. Today I have no acne either but my skin is flaking off around my mouth. not too cute. The peeling seems ot come in phases and every evening and every morning when my face is wet I can literally roll off the dry skin. Even though I do that though, my skin still goes through these days of peeling. Today is definitely not as bad as it was when
  6. So! I didn't get to do my peel because I am starting a new job Monday(yay!). I was recently laid off and had no intention of returning to work so quickly but my dream offer from my dream employer popped up late Friday and I can't refuse. Thank God they contacted me before I had the peel done. It was scheduled for 5:30 PM Friday. eeesh. Anyway, I might be able to wrangle some time off later so i'll do the peel then. I've been continuing with the Obagi as usual thought I AM tapering off a bit
  7. Tonight after work is my TCA peel. I am scared to death. I had a test done on my neck at the jawline yesterday and it is so red today, like a crazy bright clay red. I've been warning my husband for weeks but I still don't think he knows what to expect. Today I woke up shedding like crazy from the Obagi, even my eyelids. Since I started, I've gone through phases where I feel like I need to back off of the entire regimen for a few days because of all the redness and shedding, but at the same ti
  8. Yes! I agree, it is harsh. Definitely not for the faint of heart. There are days (like today) where I think I can't take one more day of the sore skin and shedding but at the same time I don't want to stop it because my skin is so clear, with no real zits. Just a few clogged pore type things. Then of course you get the one day a week where there's no shedding lol. It's like a tease ya know? Chris, did you use it for 8,12 or 18 weeks? I'm going for the 18 I think. I'm just trying to get throu
  9. I am 36 years old and have survived 23 years of Acne with the help of every prescription and over the counter concoction known to man. As well as heavy makeup. God bless Dermablend I have oiy skin that is dry on top, so it feels somewhat leathery. I have no wrinkles. When I started the Obagi program, I had several cysts along my jawline and above my lip. I also have quite a bit of hyperpigmentation both from acne scars (all over but predominantly on my cheeks and forhead). I had 3 very dark a
  10. The only thing that has ever worked on my red marks is Obagi (I use the "clear", Exoderm Forte, Blender and Retin A .25%). It's friggin' pricey but beyond worth it. My skin was never soft or smooth and I always had to wear Dermablend type foundations. I'm 36 and this is the first time since I was 13 that I can go out with no makeup on. I really can't believe it's my skin. Plus I haven't had a breakout since the 3rd week on it. bonus Most of the creams have 4% hydroquinone and you end up l