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  1. go to the body shop and they have an entire line that is all tea-tree oil based products. i bought a little mesh case with th t-to cleanser, toner and moisturizing cream. it also came with blotting tissues wich were very handy. if you have oily skin, this is perfect for you:)
  2. it is & i realized that the harsh chemicals in my old stuff was what was making me break out. every once in a while now, i get some small bumps on my cheeks or around my mouth, but i go once a month for a mini facial at the spa and it cleans all underneath. so i don't get into the habit of picking. so its all good i guess : )
  3. i used it for awhile but i really just don't like firming masks. if you like em', go crazy--but it much prefer a good peel or scrub myself. it all depends on your skin type, but it just didn't cut it for me. if you're just worried about enlarged pores, this may be perfect.
  4. i don't see why everyone feels the need to point out little imperfections in celebrities. sure, it's kind of fun, but they're humans just like us. if they do have perfect skin, it's because they can afford to take really good care of it. as for non-celebs, it's like good grades, some people have to work harder for them.
  5. burts bees anything! i use burts bees pomegranite chapstick, plus, it adds a little colour : ) softlips is really nice too!
  6. okay, so i've switched my toner to aveeno positively radiant toner just because my old one was done and my skin seems to be responding well to the aveeno line. i really like that it's alcohol-free because i have a feeling that that was the reason i was breaking out before. my skin would get all blotchy when i would use a toner, and with the new one--no such response. i'm pretty happy actually!
  7. by doing as little as possible! in the morning, i wash my face with lukewarm water, then moisturize later. at night, i wash with aveeno positively radiant cleanser, wait about 5 mins. and then use my clean & clear blackhead clearing toner. i wait 5 mins. and then moisturize with clean & clean dual action moisturizer. & no picking! that's it bada bing bada boom i'm clear
  8. uhm, well i've nevr tried the blistex brand but i have an SPF 30 lip balm from avon and it works really well. it didn't seem to do any harm to my skin...
  9. vitamin E works like a charm. it's non-oily and it really moisturizes, giving your skin what it needs to repair itself. you can get a tub of the stuff (don't bother with the expensive stuff, it's all the same anyway) for about $5.oo. hope i helped, mine are fading fast after about a week.
  10. i'm not sure, i've heard tons of great stuff about baking soda, and last night i decided to give it a try. my face was red and burned for a while after, but it actually did clear up some of my blackheads. my cheeks still have teenie weenie little skin coloured bumps, but i'm hoping they clear up soon. as for your question about it clogging your pores, it won't. it's all natural, alcohol-free, not greasy, and as long as you wash it off properly afterwards, i don't think theres a problem. hope i h
  11. eek! i can't wait until i go for my facial on march break! my red marks are slowly fading, but my cheeks are bumpy with teenie tiny little skin coloured bumps. anything i could do in the meantime?
  12. okay, so this is my new regemine morning & night spectro gel sensitive problem prone skin cleanser clean & clear blackhead clearing toner boots naturals moisturizer i use the body shop's tea tree blotting tissues when my face gets oily during the day. i exfoliate with a fig scrub (it's very thorough so i only use it when my skin gets really dry) right now, my skin is pretty clear, but i still have a few red marks left which are fading slowly and quite a few blackheads. although th
  13. awesome! at shoppers drug mart? how much was it and how big is the bottle?
  14. yeah, well thing is: i don't know how to begin getting in touch with a dermatologist, i don't want to spend TONS of money, and my mom would say that i'm being overdramatic. now, with my new job, my mom lets me pay for "extra" stuff and i don't want to spend an entire paycheck on one trip to the dermatologist. maybe you could tell me how one would go about making an appointment with a derm. and tell me what this appointment would consist of. also, i'd like to know (ballpark) how much some of th
  15. forehead-no longer dry at all, blemishes are coming to the surface (so now's the time to stop em' in their tracks!) right cheek-red marks still, they are no longer raised, not as dry left cheek-pretty clear chin-blackheads GAH! overall, my face needs a new blackhead toner because it's a little bumpy under the skin..yuck. but my pores are quite a bit smaller.