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  1. I recently started taking antidepressants again. It seems like I am breaking out more. I am taking 30 mg of Paxil daily. Do you think the medication is causing breakouts?
  2. I just got back on antidepressants about a month ago. I haven't been on them in a couple of years. I got real depressed a few months ago and tried to ride it out. No Way! Nothing even happened to make me depressed! I seriously have a chemical imbalance. It sucks, but hey the meds are really starting to work.
  3. gt_stang_2006

    Eat what you want

  4. gt_stang_2006


    Prune juice might not clear up acne, but it will have you running to the bathroom!!
  5. Good god! I would rather have acne than to try and stick with that regimen. Think about all the people who eat whatever they want and have absolutely no acne.
  6. gt_stang_2006

    Eat what you want

    Unless you are allergic to a certain food, then what you eat does NOT cause acne. Think about all the people who eat whatever the hell they want and get absolutely no acne.
  7. gt_stang_2006

    What kind of scars are these?

    This is a joke right? What scars? My god you have nothing to worry bout.
  8. gt_stang_2006

    What would be best to lessen my scarring?

    Please tell us you are kidding. What SCARS??
  9. gt_stang_2006

    Still having oily acne face after your 20s?

    Plenty of guys have acne in their 20's. Dumb post.
  10. gt_stang_2006

    you wont get hired with acne

    Job discrimination happens all the time. Do you think they are going to hire a flat chested girl to work at Hooters? How about an ugly girl at the front desk of a gym?
  11. gt_stang_2006

    Feel terrible

    Damien Lewis? Haha. No one has ever told me I look like him. When I used to have bleached hair, people would call me Slim Shady.
  12. gt_stang_2006


    I love the summer. Love goin to the lake. Best time of year for me by far. Also, the sun helps acne and getting a tan helps with red marks!!
  13. gt_stang_2006

    Feel terrible

    Like I said, the picture really doesn't capture crap. I do have some scarring that you just can't see. I have icepicks and indents. So I guess I look a lot better in this pic than I do in person.
  14. gt_stang_2006

    Feel terrible

    Thanks for the replies
  15. You can't really tell much from this picture. It looks a LOT worse in person. I really have been depressed lately about my face. Acne and scars. It really sucks. I do seem to have problems over obsessing of things like that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.