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  1. I recently started taking antidepressants again. It seems like I am breaking out more. I am taking 30 mg of Paxil daily. Do you think the medication is causing breakouts?
  2. I just got back on antidepressants about a month ago. I haven't been on them in a couple of years. I got real depressed a few months ago and tried to ride it out. No Way! Nothing even happened to make me depressed! I seriously have a chemical imbalance. It sucks, but hey the meds are really starting to work.
  3. Prune juice might not clear up acne, but it will have you running to the bathroom!!
  4. Good god! I would rather have acne than to try and stick with that regimen. Think about all the people who eat whatever they want and have absolutely no acne.
  5. Unless you are allergic to a certain food, then what you eat does NOT cause acne. Think about all the people who eat whatever the hell they want and get absolutely no acne.
  6. This is a joke right? What scars? My god you have nothing to worry bout.
  7. Please tell us you are kidding. What SCARS??
  8. Job discrimination happens all the time. Do you think they are going to hire a flat chested girl to work at Hooters? How about an ugly girl at the front desk of a gym?
  9. Damien Lewis? Haha. No one has ever told me I look like him. When I used to have bleached hair, people would call me Slim Shady.
  10. I love the summer. Love goin to the lake. Best time of year for me by far. Also, the sun helps acne and getting a tan helps with red marks!!
  11. Like I said, the picture really doesn't capture crap. I do have some scarring that you just can't see. I have icepicks and indents. So I guess I look a lot better in this pic than I do in person.
  12. You can't really tell much from this picture. It looks a LOT worse in person. I really have been depressed lately about my face. Acne and scars. It really sucks. I do seem to have problems over obsessing of things like that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.