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  1. Well I'm pretty sure I've figured out what causes my acne.. When I was living on my own in Chicago, I lived down the street from a whole foods and only ate beans/legumes, vegetables, fruit, eggs, fish, and whole grain wheat bread and my skin was the most clear it has ever been. I had to move back to my parents and the only thing that I changed was adding white bread and refined sugar back into my diet and my skin broke out really bad. It's getting clear again after I went back to my old diet.
  2. It also has genova pasta on there. Does anyone know what that is and if it's all gluten free? I miss pasta..
  3. I don't know if it's been posted before, but I was on the Trader Joe's website and realized they have a list of all their gluten free food. I think I might have to stop there within the next couple days and buy some rye-less rye bread. http://traderjoes.com/Attachments/NoGluten.pdf
  4. I've been vegetarian for 6 years and for the first 2 years I was vegetarian I never had acne, even though I ate wheat gluten in every meal, I ate a lot of bread and pasta. I don't think being vegetarian caused my acne, but who knows because I still don't eat meat.
  5. I love eggs. I used to eat like 4-5 a day for breakfast, but stopped because of the high cholesterol. They never made my acne worse though.
  6. Cetaphil breaks me out, I think it's the sodium laurel sulfate. It's a chemical they add to some cleansers to make them get all bubbly and soapy, but it's a skin irritant. I didn't stop getting acne when I changed my diet until I started taking acidophilus, garlic and zinc. Then I bought a comedone extractor to get rid of my old acne and my skins starting to look a lot better, other than my hyperpigmentation. Extractors hurt though, I have a Esthetician friend that I had to have do it for me.
  7. I miss pizza.... Yesterday I found out the grocery store I go to sells soy flour though and I got 2 things of it on clearance for $1.59 so I might make some tonight Dairy doesn't seem to break me out. I would say speghetti except I just eat rice with speghetti sauce once in a while.
  8. On here it says mineral oil doesn't clog pores. Comedogenicity is how much it clogs your pores right?
  9. I love using aloe and I have 2 HUGE aloe vera plants growing in my house and they always get babies growing around them so I have basically an unlimited supply I use it for shaving.
  10. I think guys just use the "nothing" method more because girls typically wear makeup and you can't wash off makeup with just cold water. The past 3 days all I've used is emu oil once and baking soda once and I feel like my skin is looking better already, if not better it at least isn't any worse. Have you looked at this thread? http://www.acne.org/messageboard/NOT-WASHI...TH-t194108.html
  11. I have 3 different bottles of multivitamins at my house because the first one I was taking I realized had 100% of my iodine, so I bought another and realized it had gluten in it, so I bought a third and realized it has soy in it and soy may be the cause of my acne. I usually drink about 3 glasses of soy milk a day, so I was getting a lot. Will just that little bit in my multivitamin be okay or should I look for new multivitamins again? I'm taking one-a-day for men, btw. Thanks for your help