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    Just for people who are curious as to what I look like
  2. You either didn't read what I wrote thoroughly or you didn't understand it. I don't need to counter that reply with a defense.
  3. This statement is BEYOND disturbing... so the LIVER Testing deal is just 'cause? Are you serious? Do you have any idea what you are putting into your body? Alright, once again you guys need to be collated because the misinterpretations have run amuck. I word my posts very carefully, but apparently I'm not clear enough. I said the majority of listed side-effects are bunk, NOT all of them. Obviously the most common side effects have a much stronger link with the drug, such as dry skin
  4. I use United Health Care insurance. It should be noted that pharmaceutical companies are required to list any side-effect experienced by users during the trial periods. The vast majority of these probably have nothing to do with accutane, but they must list them anyway for malpractice etc. The suicide thing is particularly erroneous. You don't need to read through those journal citations I listed. It's common sense, really. People look old and get wrinkley because their skin loses mois
  5. My acne was about 10 times worse than it was in that pic when I went on accutane. I was much to embarrassed at the time to post. I didn't really have any side effects during acne... dryness yes, and some joint pain when I lifted weights. I get a pimple or two every now and then, but the magnitude of breakouts has been reduced about 98%. To Deja: Maybe you should get health insurance? Actually that's not a rhetorical question. You should get health insurance. It's a very, very wise idea.
  6. I like it when people are voice of reason, and challenge the opinions of others. However, I thought my post through. 1) I never said accutane was a cure, but it is unarguably, as I said, the closest thing to a cure. I never said it erases any potential for it to come back. 2) Which is better, 6 months of accutane or an uncertain, and possibly chronic (long-term or permanent) topical treatment (which is painstaking, time-consuming, and an all-around hassle)? Sure, it might come back if
  7. Is that talking about benzoyl peroxide in 10% or lower form, or actual full strength BP? I'm not trying to discredit, or debunk you. I've seen a lot of threads saying BP gives you wrinkles, causes cancer etc etc, and threads that say it doesn't. Both threads have offered up studies in journals. I want to see actual proof. I want to see a 20 year old that looks 60 all just because of BP. Well I only cited that source on which you quoted me for BP's possible mutagenic properties, whic
  8. I never said accutane didn't have worse side effects... oh HELL no. The side effects are certainly worse in a systemic sense (meaning your face might not be as irritated, but it affects your whole body) My argument would that the side-effects can be more tolerable if you are assured that it will work. I had side-effects with BP, but I was getting nowhere. I had side effects with accutane, but I knew it would work (and it did, of course). Again, it's a question of uncertainty. I strong
  9. I don't get my facts from capricious sources. Here is some recent evidence published in journals J Biomed Mater Res A. 2004 Dec 15;71(4):685-92. :: Effects of subtoxic concentrations of benzoyl peroxide on cell lipid metabolism. J Invest Dermatol. 1998 Jan;110(1):79-83. :: Benzoyl peroxide increases UVA-induced plasma membrane damage and lipid oxidation in murine leukemia L1210 cells. Arch Biochem Biophys. 1996 Aug 1;332(1):79-91. :: Benzoyl peroxide-induced damage to DNA and its
  10. It's so depressing to see some people start the regimen when it's clear (ironic pun intended) that it won't be enough. To put it bluntly, some people's acne is bad enough to warrant accutane, in which case the regimen just won't cut it. I've been an observer of this board for 2 years, and I've seen it all. I've also tried the regimen (along with every other thing out there) and, eventually, accutane was that which cleared me up. I curse every dermatologist who resisted putting me on it (4 o
  11. Lance- If you're looking to conceal the red marks (without make-up) AND you are using benzoyl peroxide (I should point out that I'm not a fan of BP being applied to the whole face, I think of it as more of a spot-treatment), then there is a simple solution. Clearasil has a tinted BP cream that can mask redness. I would imagine that applying this to dry skin would not look so good, or might look like a bad make-up application, so if you use this make sure your skin is relatively moist. Read
  12. SweetJade1980- I'm positive there is nothing wrong with me internally. I had several endocrinology tests run to see if there was something unbalanced there, and they all showed perfectly healthy levels. I'm pretty sure that I have a super-resistant strain of bacteria that no antibiotic will remedy, so I need to destroy their home: my pilosebaceous oil. Accutane will be effective in doing this; they won't surive in that environment. I *should* get accutane in a few days, at which time I will
  13. Thanks Lisa- It's comforting to have someone empathize with my frustration. I'm going in for my fasting blood test tomorrow so that the doc can have the results by my Wednesday appointment. I swear, if he comes up with another bullshit reason to put off the accutane, I will give him HELL. Trust me, I can do a good job of that. Over night I developed 5 huge white cysts all in a row on my cheek such that it looks like a gigantic line of puss. If he can't understand that these sorts of outb
  14. Well, I think you're both right and wrong. I believe that, in the long-run, acne makes you an exceptionally strong person. Not only that, but it takes someone with a strong mind to get through severe acne in the first place. If it's considered legit for someone to wake up and flip out over a single blemish, then by right we should be put in an insane asylum. We have to have strong egos to make it through this, and in the end it can only make us stronger HOWEVER. . . In general, lifestyle