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  1. @Sibel yes, I saw Dr. Anil for an initial consultation there, he has now moved to his new(swish) premises on Turnham Green Terrace, just 1 minute away from the old clinic.
  2. Thanks Sir! I appreciate your advice/info. l’ll be sticking to Dr.Anil’s current regime for now, seeing that it’s working. Cheers Not sure of the make, but it was very similar to Infini, and had good results.
  3. Just had my 2nd session out of 4. Subcision, RF microneedling, PRP done at once. RF microneedling was more painful, I’d say 6/10 pain level. I thought subcision was going to be worse each time but generally was ok. The TCA cross was advised to do a week later, as I have brown skin and was a bit swollen from the other treatments. Overall, I can now see gradual improvements and I’d say my box scarring has improved the most. Some ice-picks have raised enough from the TCA cross. I’