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  1. Hi everyone! Finally, I catch the cause of my scalp pimples. It was gluten. After 2 months of the gluten-free diet, all pimples are gone.
  2. 1. My nickname on this forum is 'Patient', not 'Augmentin'. 2. Re-infection occurred because my head had excellent conditions for the reproduction of bacteria (in other words, precisely because of oily skin). 3. An antibiotic can actually completely kill the bacterium on my head, but it will not give me immunity from this bacterium. 4. Today is my 26 days on Roaccutane (20mg/day) and my scalp is almost clear (just 1 pimple left). Does Roaccutane kill my bacteria? Definitely not
  3. I know exactly what is my bacteria, it is Enterobacter aerogenes. I was lucky with the doctor, we started from the analysis of pus in the laboratory. I read this previously, thanks. Yes, and I hope it would be the last. Well, my doctor suggests using Augmentin after laboratory testing of sensitivity of my bacteria to different antibiotics. And I can say that Augmentin worked, I have absolutely clear scalp for 3 weeks after the end of Augmentin course. After this,
  4. This was about Penthotal11111's sister. I tried, used AUGMENTIN (oral for 10 days). 3 weeks later the problem returned. After that my doctor suggests Roaccutane.
  5. Moody123, please provide details about your Roaccutane course. Dosage, duration and your weight during the course. By the way I tried Azelaic Acid 20% cream, it doesn't help. I have gram-negative folliculite. I assume that this guy from Reddit get results only because he take 2 accutane courses and after that applies Azelaic Acid.
  6. Aussie Scientist, Some additional info about my condition: - I have very oily scalp skin (before Roaccutane, ha-ha) - I don't have dandruff - Pus examination (not sure it's the right term) shows that I have Enterobacter Aerogenes bacteria Your sister has a lower testosterone level (which is OK) that's why she has lower skin issues. Because of doctors understood that it's not the root cause of patient's skin issues.
  7. Aussie Scientist, I tried an antifungal treatment (including topical and system) and it doesn't help at all. Today is my 19th day on Roaccutane (20mg per day) and my scalp is almost clear, I am extremely satisfied with the results (attached before and today photos).
  8. This condition is caused by genetic pathology - your skin on scalp produces too much sebum. This is the root of the issue. Fungal, bacterial infections lives and cause inflammation in your scalp only because of sebum overproduction. For now, the only way to decrease sebum production is to use Roaccutane. I am surprised by the dosage and schemes that your doctors suggest to you. My Roaccutane scheme: 100mg/kg of body weight. My weight is 72kg, so I should get 7200mg. Daily dosage during the