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  1. I just started oral lamisil, my forehead started getting bumps again and i have no idea why
  2. I just feel like lamisil isnt cutting it for me, i still see small pimples on my forehead. Right now im putting lamisil along with Ketoconzole and soon i will be taking oral keto.
  3. Lamisil is helping me but i am getting weary because i am still seeing some small pimples on my forehead, im going to also get nizoral shampoo and wash my face with that and also apply cicloperox cream. I did some research and i heard those both help as well. Take multiple antifungals because one just cut it. If these dont work ima start taking oral Ketoconzaole
  4. My acne is clearing on my cheeks and my forehead has also got better (no big pimples) but i am still seeing small fungal like pimples on my forehead i am using lamisil and a little bit of clotrimazole as well I also have a cilcloperox antifungal should i try that as well?
  5. Brother if u have a skype please add me mine is: Hayan Kundi we can talk on there and clear any confusion so far my update is that my fungal acne has got significantly better however as i mentioned before my stomach problem is still there.
  6. Hey guys! I am an 18 year old male with a really oily face i have really visible blackheads on my nose and they look terrible. I have heard good things about niacinimide for reducing sebum Any help would be appreciated
  7. Yes brother i had a skin acne problem but i also had a stomach problem as well. the antifungals have helped my face but my stomach is still suffering even tho i take nilstat which u recommended.
  8. Aussie scientist, i had a bad stomach (loose motions and diarrhea) for the last month , my doctor didnt even tell me why he was giving me these drugs be just said take these and go the drugs are helping my stomach (I ASSUME). BTW do u have any cure for blackheads, i have a lot on my nose thanks brother
  9. Aussie Scientist unfortunately my GT doctor prescribed me antibiotics and anti amoebas for my stomach : rifaxa and fasigyn i took these along with nilstat for the past few days and its helped my stomach my acne has got better i dont get any more big pimples or breakout but i have noticed i get small tiny pimples on areas that i dont apply much anti fungal such as the nose Im not sure if these are ingrown hairs or the fungus spreading to other areas of my face also my ra
  10. Aussie Scientist thanks so much for ur help i havent had any breakouts, just recovering from old acne. I just had a question: can i apply lactic acid or any exfoliation on my face or should i wait some more thanks!
  11. I also have this redness around my hairline which i have no idea what it is
  12. I went last night to the pharmacy (i live in pakistan) and got the clotrimazole cream and put on my face before sleeping. Just wokeup this morning and i cant believe it. Most of the redness on my left cheek has subsided. I will let you know how it goes and i will also get the oral nilstat for my gut Thanks so much aussie scientist just one thing is- how long should i apply this cream for thanks
  13. Hey guys I am an 18 year old male who has oily skin especially around the T-zone. This year i didnt have acne and barely had any pimples even though i had oily skin. However ever since summer started and i shifted to a different house i started to breakout. I have been using these for the past month -clindamycin phospate lotion -duac gel (benzyl peroxide) -neutrogena face wash (salycic acid) these haven't helped much and i have no idea what type of acne i have. I