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  1. I have taken accutane 3 times. Every course was different in how long a period of time I took it, and at what dosage. No side effects throughout first accutane treatment. I only had like 4-7 months break after it before I started on a new course of accutane. This is when my side effects start to appear. Really bad side effects like you mentioned if not worse. Third course was worst of all. My skull was swollen, eyes swollen (could barely hold eyes open for 2-3 seconds), extreme joint pains, very
  2. I dont think you can treat red marks, and certainly not scars anyway while your on accutane. I wouldn't do that. I would focuse on the acne alone, and then when you stop taking accutane and go back to using BP and other similar stuff, you can start treat the red marks and scars aswell. Good luck with the accutane journey. Keep us updated with pics and logs. Your story is very inspiring.
  3. I have now used this topical Vitamin A for at least 2 months now. I must say that it does reduce the oil amount, but not to the degree I was hoping for. Just one hour after I applied this I am allready oily at the areas I applied it to. And it certainly doesn't help in reducing blackheads at my nose, they are all over. Also im getting same side effects as Accutane. Not to the same degree, but its certainly there. Headache, joint pains, dry eyes, dry skin. So I guess I am living toxified constan
  4. I don't take any vitamin pills. And im sure this A vitamin topical oil causes it, because it disappears (side effects) when I stop using it for a few days. But my acne forces me to use it.
  5. Yea offcourse im only applying it at skin. On my nose and forehead that is. Sometimes a little on cheecks aswell.
  6. Im surprised that noone has reported severe side effects yet. I have the same side effects as when I took accutane. Horrible muscle/joint pains and eye dryness/swolling. Im using less than 6 drops every day. I hate everytime I use it just as I hate everytime I took accutane. I still do it because I have no choice, nothing else works for me. Life sux.
  7. Accutane fucked up my brain aswell. I have the same symptoms every day. Feel like im stoned. I'm praying that a new acne medicine will appear for all of us who doesn't have an alternative but taking accutane. Im SICK OF POISONING myself with A vitamin.
  8. I think its a myth, that overwashing will make your glands produce more oil to compensate. But I can tell that the only thing that worked for my oily skin is overdosing myself with A vitamin. Being it Accutane or a topical Vitamin A product. Both give me horrible side effects but I do it anyways, since nothing else works at all...
  9. Headaches, joint pains and increased skull and eye pressure have been my primary side effects the last 3 courses, and it only got worse by each course. There is NO way this would have happenend without Accutane. It just shows how much this drug sux... Fixes one problem, but gives you 10 others..
  10. Nice results. Allthough you don't experience any bad side effects right now, I wouldn't jump for joy allready. How long are you planning to take accutane, and at what dosage? (sorry if it's mentioned somwhere, haven't looked closely). In my oppinion Accutane isn't even close to a mirracle. It fixes one problem - Acne, but gives many people tons of other severe problems. It's great you don't feel them yet, but you are also pretty early in this process i'd say. As far as I know, the major attrib
  11. Hey folks. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, not replying your questions etc.. I have not had my blood levels meassured while being on the oil, and I still use it. I think I should do it soon though. I experience very bad joint pains because of the oil (worse than accutane), and my cheeks is getting very dry - Not good when the summer is coming. I dont understand that it happens, when I only use a little oil on my nose and forehead. It obviously doesn't matter THAT much where you apply it,