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  1. Hello everyone, has anyone ever had mesotherapy? Can you tell me what the effects of mesotherapy on surface acne scars, please? Thank you
  2. Hi JenSteli, I think it's possible that Dr. E is does these things. But to be sure, call his office or send an email. You will find his coordinates on his site. Regarding lasers, it seems to me that he practices a little bit of everything (CO2, erbium, q-switch, etc). Keep us in touch ;-).
  3. Hi NuageBlanche, I have not found a specific post. I had seen some information here and there on this forum. As you say, people start a post, they say they have results but after they leave and do not update anymore, it's a shame. But I know that moderators and some dermatologists recommend filler with subcision. They say that it allows the scar not to attach and that it helps to create collagen. So I do not know who's right and who's wrong. BA had a great post, where he put together all t
  4. Hello, I am happy to read that you have had results with your subcision. According to some testimonials that I read and according to the doctors, it seems that we get much more improvements by making several subcision. So I think it'll be better.
  5. Hi NuageBlanche, who is it that you said that filler did not create collagen? Because since I'm on this forum, I see that people are saying the opposite. So who to believe? In addition, I have never seen a post where people who have done the subcision to the end (at least 4, 5 times) and who say that the results are final ... I ask myself questions because I also I have a lot of scars and I will see Dr. Emil soon. Have you had results with the subcision ? I'm afraid of ma
  6. Hello, How is your skin doing since the procedures? Are there any improvements? Have a good day.
  7. Hello everyone. In the treatment of acne scars, I would like to know why it is interesting to do many sessions of subcissions with injections of hyaluronic acid. Indeed, hyaluronic acid will disappear after a while. Are the effects not permanent? Thank you in advance for your answers.
  8. Hello Zhout, no I have never met this practitioner. Did you finally see it? What did your session give?
  9. Hello Sibel, yes it is this dermatologist that I saw in Belgium. I chose it because I know it has a good ethic. He advised me to do nothing because with my ethnic skin I have a risk of hyperpigmentation. He told me that one of the best solutions in my case was the Co2 laser and he redirected me to a colleague specializing in lasers in France, in case if I wanted to do a co2 laser session. He was honest with me and told me to think carefully. I'm a bit like you, I saw a lot of dermatologists in
  10. Thank you very much for your answer. It will really help me. I will do my research and contact Dr. Anil or Dr. Emil. I am so happy with this forum. thank you so much
  11. Hello to the whole acne.org community I'm new to the forum and I wanted to thank you for this great site and all the testimonials that give hope and morale to many people. I am posting this message today because I will need a notification please. Indeed, I am desperate because of my acne scars that obsess me and ruin my life. I made several superficial peels that did nothing because too superficial, a laser session Fraxel that has not given anything and recent