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  1. Feeling a bit better today the spot looks slightly better. I just couldn't believe that they mentioned it it is the first time since having acne that anyone has pointed it out. I am trying to forget about it now and ignore it. Someone did say to me today that the woman didn't mean to upset me she just talks without thinking, but she should know better she is nearly 40.
  2. I did something really stupid this morning, picked at a spot which now looks scabby, huge, red and angry! I came out to work convinced that it didn't look that bad and no one would notice it. The first thing one lady at work said to me this morning when she looked at me properly was 'oh my god have you been picking your face'. I could have died and wanted to cry but managed not too, then this other lady next to me started laughing saying just have to hide it with your hair. I looked really u
  3. It does sound like you are using too much especially if you have only just started out and it is 5%. I would use 2.5% and gradually increase the amount you use.
  4. I know how you feel I worry I will be alone forever, but you have to try and be confident and just get on with life as we only get one! You are not ugly you are pretty damn hot actually. So get out there and start living.
  5. should do, but only use it on the part of your face where you breakout.
  6. I tried to ride out my acne and it just got worse and worse and worse. I'm 28 and almost clear now thanks to bp!
  7. I can't believe some of your parents are so unsupportive!! My dad was the one who made me a doctors appointment because he didn't like to see me so sad all the time. He even offered to come to London with me to see a fancy doctor to have light treatment or something, but luckily I found this site before I tried that.
  8. I have cried about my acne when it was at its worse, it took all my confidence and there was this guy I liked at the time, I knew he would never be interested when I looked so bad. But I haven't cried about it for a while because things could be worse so I have to be grateful that I am generally healthy, but it does make me sad sometimes.
  9. In Dans video blog from yesterday he says it doesn't make a difference whether you use cold, warm or hot water to wash your face. Check it out.
  10. Hiya, I didn't get really bad until I was about 20, I am 28 now and although I am pretty cleared up most of the time because of the Regimen, I have still got marks and some scars, my skin looks worse than it did when I was 18!! When I do get spots now they are usually just whiteheads/blackheads.
  11. I agree, it is worse buying tampons if a bloke is serving.