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  1. HI denise...i was wondering if your do a salt water flush or magnesium citrate for the day after. I debating on doing the two. Which would you recommend? Thanks
  2. Hi sadcaroline...i've been following your thread since you first posted. I decided try out the no liquids for an hour after meals for two weeks now. So far so good. I noticed that i don't break out with my normal cysts anymore. However, a bunch of tiny whiteheads are popping up all over my face. I know in your previous thread you said this also happened to you. I was wondering if you are still having white head breakouts or did they subside? Also, thank you for helping others by sharing
  3. Hey Mr. Peabody... Just wanted to say thanks for posting your experience! I'm glad to hear you're seeing improvements with your acne. For me it's been two weeks since taking the herbs and it's working out fine. But it's hard for me to tell if it's the herbs or my approach to living healthy altogether. I'm just bummed that i broke out b/c i tried to used vinegar as a toner. Ohh well...Anyhoo it was your post that made me go to make an appointment with the acupunturist and i thank you for s
  4. Hi i was wondering how long have you been wiping vinegar on your face? Also do you wipe the vinegar all over your face or just put on acne scars? Thanks for your response in advance!
  5. I heard that Jane Iredale make up is very good because it contains natural minerals that doesn't clog pores and has a natural SPF 20. It very expensive! The cheapest one i could find online was 31.46. I was wondering if anyone used her foundation and if so did it give full coverage like a powder/ liquid foundation would. Thanks :wink:
  6. Thanks you guys you've been very helpful! Animegirl your skin looks wonderful! What is your regimen? Sorry to bother you thanks so much for your advice!
  7. I was also wondering if it's useless to continue my differin once i started the peels? Another thing, if it is useless, then do you think using super CP serum is effective enough to help with my skin renewal? Thanks so much for you time.
  8. Which one is better for acne scars, lactic or glycolic peel? I'm thinking about buy a home peel kit but confused about which one to get. My main problem is hypermentation, boxcar scar, and ice pick. Thanks for your responses in advance!
  9. Thanks for the suggestion...didn't see the faq .
  10. I was wondering does the regular TCA peel for the whole face work just as good as the TCA cross method? I can't find a specialist in hawaii that only does TCA cross method, only a TCA peel. Is the TCA peel also good for acne scars? Please help. Very confused! Also is it ok to do a 12.5% TCA peel at home? Thanks for you advices in advance...Take care!
  11. Hey Mr. Peabody...i just wanted to know if you thought the herbs helped the most or acupuncture or both. I just went to see an acupuncturist and all he gave me was a bunch of herbs to brew and no acupuncture. I was kind of let down. I don't know whether or not just the herbs will be effective. Can you tell me your experience. Thanks so much in advance!
  12. I miss so much food that i used to have:ice cream, mcdonalds, pizzas,pasta and the list goes on...but have clearer skins is way better. I'm tired of living my life not to the fullest. I'm tired of dreading waking up in the morning b/c i don't want to face people. I want to take control of my acne instead of it taking over my life. Take care. :wink:
  13. i don't know if it's me but it's only been two days now and my skin hasn't broken out with cysts since i stopped eating peanuts and bananas. I think it's worth a try to just cut out bananas for a week and see how your skin reacts. Good luck
  14. Also kudos to jewboy and jc for helping others out. After reading your story jc, on how you abated your acne by liver flushing, i'm considering it. I see you've done a lot of research on it and i applaude you for it. I hope to have mines under control eventually. I'm so tired of living in shame and frustration. I grateful for forums like this where others know how you feel and how we can exchange ideas to rid acne. Take care! :smile:
  15. I was a visitor on acne.org and came across jewboy's forum to you about elimination diet. I recently changed my diet: no sugar, dairy, refined foods, wheat,etc. I was still frustrated that i was still breaking out after being a month on this diet. Luckily i stumbled upon your post about elimination diet. On your avoid list was peanuts and banana. I was eating bananas and peanuts like crazy thinking that it was healthy for me. I have stop eating bananas and peanut for a day and no new brea